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358: The Grand Canyon intrigued Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

358: The Grand Canyon intrigued Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

May 1, 2021
Welcome to Aingeal Rose and Ahonu’s Tours of sacred places. We are at the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
The energy of this place is clean, powerful, inspiring, and it’s rejuvenating, especially when we’ve all been so suppressed. The Canyon is magnificent. It has beauty and grandeur. It uplifts your spirit and gives you faith and hope that beauty and love still exists.
At 11 miles wide, this place is enormous, and deep, and the multiple layers of rock show millions of years of earth history. The Grand Canyon has the Colorado River running through it at the base. When you’re on the South Rim, you’re on the upper part of the canyon and you’re looking out over rocks and cliffs and plateaus and trees... and depth.
They offer excursions down into the Grand Canyon. You can hike, ride a mule, take a horse, you can even have a helicopter bring you down. There’s a summer resort down at the base by the Colorado River.
We drove along the rim of the canyon road which has several lookout points where you can get out, stand over the edge, and take pictures. And as beautiful as the Grand Canyon is for tourists when you first arrive, it’s even more exquisite as you move along down these lookout points. The canyon’s vastness is amazing. It has lights and shadows when the sun changes position, and I had fun counting all the faces I saw in the rocks; many of them looked like giant faces to me. 
Sometimes the cliffs look like rock temples. Sometimes it feels like a kingdom. It makes you wonder, because they’ve found caverns within the Grand Canyon that have hieroglyphics in them. Some ancient civilizations lived there, and there’s even rumor there are entrances to Inner Earth from deep within the Grand Canyon. You get that feeling when you’re there.
The cliff faces change color by the hour and by the season. The colors change from red to white to dark brown and black. Green trees growing in the distance on the upper plateaus of the canyon complete the panorama.
As people walked by, they commented on how beautiful the Grand Canyon was. I cried when I first saw it. We needed to go some place beautiful. We needed to be in this energy because we needed our spirits revived, and the immensity of the Grand Canyon did it!
The Grand Canyon with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
357: Write Down Your Feelings Pt 2

357: Write Down Your Feelings Pt 2

April 24, 2021

Writing or journaling, helps you stay on one track, on one clear mission. In this brief episode (Part 2 of 2) Aingeal Rose & Ahonu outline several ways to achieve that, advising always to stay close to your own core values and your own core mission. Keep a journal and write your feelings because it may become a book that helps you and others through the same difficulties. Then you could take that single journaling exercise and multi-purpose it.

If you need help with writing, contact us. We've published over 1,000 books and are here for you!

356: Write Down Your Feelings (1 of 2)

356: Write Down Your Feelings (1 of 2)

April 17, 2021

Come along with Aingeal Rose and Ahonu on their trip to Sedona, AZ and discover the benefits of journaling your experiences to help yourself and others. Many find their journals become a book to share with and benefit the world. YOU ARE IMPORTANT, and you matter! Consider the value you can give to the world!

This is Part 1 of 2. Contact us for more at [email protected]

355: How To Revoke Curses, Spells, Vows, Promises & Entity Attachments

355: How To Revoke Curses, Spells, Vows, Promises & Entity Attachments

April 10, 2021

"I revoke all vows, contracts, spells, curses, entity attachments or any promises that I may have made or agreed to, through any time, space, dimension or lifetime. I forgive myself and those involved and all the effects and outcomes of all these contracts or agreements, and I bless them all from this moment forward in the light of love."

With this statement, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu give you a method to remove all vows, contracts, spells, curses, entity attachments or any promises that may be draining your energy and causing depression, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. This is especially helpful in this time period. Say it with conviction, knowing your own God-Spirit is stronger than any negative entity. 

Aingeal Rose first revealed this to Ahonu in his memoir The Reincarnation of Columbus in Chapter 49: 

354: Prosperity In A Time Of Change

354: Prosperity In A Time Of Change

April 3, 2021

I am Ahonu, and with me is my lovely Aingeal Rose. Aingeal Rose is the author of a book called A Time of Change, which was written back in 2012, and she has revised and rewritten it, especially for this time period that we're in. But it's still very valid. But there's been huge, tumultuous changes, especially in 2020, that we need to address and talk about. And one is where people have lost their jobs because of covid-19.

The economy has been declining and all kinds of things going on multiple levels. But we want to address prosperity and abundance and money. And I want to read to you the introduction to a chapter in that book, A Time of Change, called The Art of Prosperity. And when I read it, I'm going to ask Aingeal Rose to comment on it, just to give you an idea of where Source is coming from when we talk about prosperity and abundance.

In this section, we asked Source about money and prosperity. Source answers these questions at the level they're being asked, but ultimately let us know that manifesting is a game. It's like children playing until they know, understand and trust that God's will for them is perfect happiness. At this point, the difference between perceiving a lack that needs to be filled is replaced with the knowing that everything has already been received. Ultimately, we are sustained by God's love, which is within us.

We all have unconscious programs about money, some more convoluted than others. We've been brought up to define our self-value by money. What kind of patterns might we all have that keep our prosperity from us? And to let you know what happens in a lot of these sessions, she actually says a prayer in the beginning and that gets her into the Akashic Records of that space where she's able to download information, really. And sometimes she sees the information and other times she feels it, but in this case, while saying the prayer, she says, I saw a beam of light blue light come down and the first thing Source said to us is that true prosperity has to do with communication to and from Source. What we're all missing is the awareness of our direct communication with God. So Aingeal Rose tell us what was going on, what was happening in your mind, what were you perceiving when we asked that question?

Aingeal Rose: Well, it was what I was receiving, not perceiving. What you were receiving. From Source's point of view, it's all about being in the flow of love. Abundance and love are really the same things, and when it talks about true prosperity as being in communication with life, it does mean that it's the difference between when you feel like you're in the flow as opposed to when you're out of the flow.

I mean, there's some times when people just experience synchronicities and you're in the flow. Yes. And you feel like you're one with everything, like everything that shows up for you in that synchronicity. It could be nature. It could be other people. It could be a book. But something makes you know that something else is aware of you and yes, answering your intentions, your thoughts.

Ahonu: And people can show up and things can happen and events can take place. It's almost like it's out of your control, but it's meant to be. That's what they call "in the flow". When you're in the flow, it's like the world is working for you. That's right.

Aingeal Rose: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And Source is trying to affirm that. It basically says the intention out of Source's mind was for that to occur all the time - be in the flow be where things are working for you. You're in your good. Yes.

The only thing that can come to you is good. And I think for us it's a matter of being able to accept that. And that really does mean you truly have to believe that you're loved and that you deserve this at all times. Truly, we have gotten that. This is the other thing. We literally have God energy in our very self. We were just reading something the other night, weren't we, Ahonu? Scientifically, that was talking about the center of the soul being a little void?

Ahonu: That's right. It was like the void. It was like the black hole is in the center of the cell and it's the same black hole that's in the universe. But that's what causes motion. It manifests outwardly as motion. That black void is the cause of the movement of life. And that's in us. So if you think of how many billions of cells we have in our body, think of all of the little black holes you've got in the center of your cell, which is zero point energy.

Aingeal Rose: Yes, OK. And we're not aware of that. And most of us can't even accept the fact that we could be that sacred, for example, or that we could hold that type of power or intelligence.

Ahonu: Another thought just came to me right then, and that is that science, fantastic and all as it is, in my understanding, has always been teaching us to be afraid of black holes. It's like one big unknown vacuum, a vacuum. If you go into a black hole, your doomed, you're gone, you're sucked in. Whereas, this thinking is that that's actually where God/Source/Creator is. It's in the void. It's in the silence. It's in the perfection. It's in the nothingness, but the everything-ness, because everything manifests out of that. And that's an interesting little difference in perception. And that same black hole is in every single one of our selves. So that's where the creation manifests out of.

Aingeal Rose: So we literally, literally are composed of God. We have God within us. So when it says we're sustained by the love of God, what that means is the original intention coming from the mind of Source is for good will, happiness, prosperity. This is normal. When we're not in that, it's usually because we've got some sort of program beliefs or belief in common belief that we were bad or we're not worthy.

But I've had occasions in my life where spiritual beings have come and reminded me that I'm innocent when you don't think you are. So, how do you get to that point where you can meditate, like some people do, and reach that point of stillness within them? I think ™ taught you that. Yes, but there's other ways of doing it. You can journal about your belief, and a pen and paper is your best friend because you could take any situation you're in and you could start to ask yourself what this situation means to you, because you do have an interpretation about all the events in your life. They result in the ideas you create about what you think reality is, what you think your world is. So you can undo your own beliefs just by writing about them, because as you break them down, you start to dissolve the energy. What are you left with? You're left with a greater sense of communication with Source.

Or, just the connections with life itself? I mean, this chapter goes a lot further. We'll read a little bit more about it each day. Source gives us some exercises on how to create prosperity in your life. We mostly have to be willing to have the belief that we can reach that level of connection with life. Yeah.

Ahonu: OK. We'll leave it there for the moment. We've got some gardeners coming around making a lot of noise and we will continue, absolutely. And we will be referring back over time to A Time Of Change, the book by Aingeal Rose. And we will put a link to it also where you can access it on Amazon. ( We appreciate you being here for listening to us. Thank you again from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.

353: The Exquisite Experience of Beauty

353: The Exquisite Experience of Beauty

March 27, 2021

Aingeal Rose speaks humbly of her dark night of the soul and its change over time to her exquisite experience of beauty!

I want to talk about the dimensional split and what many people are experiencing going through it. As we all know, the world is changing and we can see and feel the dichotomy. We see things dying away in people’s lives, changing drastically, politically, socially, economically. Everything is transforming with no guarantee of where it’s leading. But one thing I’ve encountered going through the dimensional split is that we’re asked to give up the old paradigm of death and guilt. No more holding grudges and blaming. We must move into a paradigm of love and forgiveness. But along with that tear down of old belief systems, there’s been an exquisite experience of beauty.

Ahonu teases me when I share pictures of flowers on Facebook, but some of them are an exquisite experience of beauty. They’re all so different and the colors are so vivid. When you go through this experience, you notice things of beauty more than you did before. It’s the simple things, something that tastes wonderful but you notice it, or a pleasure you never took the time to appreciate before.

Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose

Ahonu and I drove out in the country and we’ve stopped at this beautiful mountain with a pale yellow house on a hill. The birds are chirping sweetly and I’m looking at green trees and green hills. The experience of beauty for me has become so profound in the littlest things. Just looking at this beautiful hill in front of me with this lovely house has me thinking how wonderful it would be to have that vision outside your windows every day. It’s just a simple country house, but it’s quiet here surrounded by enormous boulders that California is known for. We’re surrounded by beautiful trees, and peace and quiet, and we’re under a blue sky. The air is fresh. It’s just lovely. It’s just uplifting.

I believe Source is leading us to simplify our lives, to make it less cluttered, to do things that are easier, to just be without complication.

Ahonu and I are helping take care of our grandchildren for my daughter. Two girls, one is three years old, and the other is eight months. The three-year-old has an incredible imagination. She’s got six Barbie dolls that she puts on the couch after she has her bath and sits them all up with Baba so they can watch TV together. It’s these little things, these little imaginations that bring such joy. Even though there’s nothing profound about Barbie dolls and Mermaids, to her, they’re her little beings, her little family. In her mind, they are all expressions of exquisite beauty!

Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose

And the little one, even though they’re a lot of work, and Ahonu and I find ourselves exhausted at the end of each day, when you think of their little smiles and their little twinkly eyes of delight at the littlest things. She’s exploring everything, so she’ll pick up things in her hand and turn them every way and examine them closely. It could be a sticker, it could be a little block of wood and she just examines it fully. And of course he has to put it in her mouth to taste it. She’s just this delightful little creature who wakes up in the morning and just sings and squeals. She’ll get all excited about the littlest thing and just bounce all over the place. This is one of my experiences of beauty.

There are horses on the property, too. Even the sound of them - how many of you delight at the sound of horses and the smell of horses? Many people enjoy simple things like that, like a little bird flitting across the sky, or even a noisy crow that’s being annoying, the sound of horses walking down a road or the wind blowing through the trees. It’s the tiniest things.

That’s what’s happened to me since my dark night of the soul experience in January 2019, where it showed me the unreality of this world. (You can watch it on YouTube here: or listen to the podcast about it here:

Aingeal Rose’s Dark Night of the Soul

I’ve had to ask Source repeatedly, what’s real? What to focus on? What’s real to hang on to? It keeps coming back to the simple things in life. It’s the simple, beautiful moments that hold the attention of love, not all the confusion, not the artificial intelligence, not the technology we’re hung up on that just makes us crazy energetically. The world is changing. A lot of old things are dying away. Much is manifesting as grief and depression, but you have this wonderful fresh energy on the planet that people are feeling. But the

So, I just wanted to share that with you. Just notice the beautiful things. Pay attention to the little things, the leaves on trees, smells in the air, birds chirping. Notice the simple things that bring peace to your heart. That’s the best advice I can give anybody who’s going through a tough time.

As change happens, I’m left with more and more appreciation of how beautiful things are when they’re beautiful. I’ll continue to post pictures of beautiful flowers because flowers share joy. Despite the difficulties many are experiencing, the beauty of this world is still present. The love of Source is still present in this world. That’s where our focus is. So, I just wanted to share that with you. Hopefully that’ll offer you a little peace and upliftment in this great time of change.

Beauty, An Exquisite Experience by Aingeal Rose

And speaking of a time of change, if you’d like more inspiration and support, get my book “A Time of Change” from Amazon here:

352: State of the World

352: State of the World

March 20, 2021

Aingeal Rose and Ahonu went into the Akashic Records to ask some important questions about the state of the world.

Aingeal Rose: Well, when we said the prayer to open the records, the first thing I saw was the world still filled with Emerald green light. This light is an Earth healing color. We’re immersed in it, so healing is occurring on the Earth and it’s continuing. We’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s happening.

Ahonu: Even though we’re in Spring, it feels as if it’s the autumn time, or the fall. Things are dying. As you know, Autumn fruit will fall from the trees, leaves turn brown and fall off, and vegetables come to the end of their growing season. Things are dying. All traditional societies and cultures have celebrated that time of the year, knowing winter is approaching and that meant they would let the soil rest and they would rest and recover and recuperate. That’s what this is. Many people need this rest. We need this recovery period.

And then, knowing the springtime of the year is coming, we look forward to life coming back into the soil; the buds opening on the trees, flowers blooming, fruits flourishing, and vegetables growing again. From an Earth perspective, that is still ahead of us and there is renewal yet to happen.

But right now we’re dying. We’re in the death phase. And that’s what’s causing depression, illness, sickness, upset, lack of satisfaction, lack of cohesion, distortion and lies. This is all part of the death process. That’s what’s going on.

Aingeal Rose: The death process is underway. Things aren’t like they used to be. And I don’t think they ever will be again. In California, after a metaphysical winter that lasted a whole year, stores are open again, restaurants are open, indoor dining is open and many people are enjoying the outdoors, on hikes, in parks and beaches. It’s a relief. After being shut up for a year, people are letting themselves out. Most people are hesitant, but I feel a growing positive energy, like the way you feel when spring comes after a long winter, that things are going to be opening up and becoming more positive. I feel that.

We will still see some chaos here and there, and Earth changes, but it doesn’t feel as intense as it did before. We have the green light still here, and that’s healing. For us too, waves of depression come along spontaneously; you might wake up one morning and you’re in a funk or you’re just plain depressed, and the entire day is gloomy, and other days it’s fine. Many people have expressed that as well.

Source is telling me that when things are dying off, there’s grief attached to them, even if the changes end up positive. It’s letting go and we are letting go of an old world, that’s for sure. The waves of depression are the uncertainty about what’s next. You can have a loss of identity because things are changing in so many ways. You can have periods where you just don’t know who you are anymore.

Ahonu: The dying process, like the autumn of the year, is contributing to the sense of chaos because we know it’s springtime and yet there’s fall. There’s two things going on and it’s very hard to figure out which is which, and it’s causing confusion because when it’s gloomy, it’s really gloomy, and when it’s bright, it’s bright. The confusion can lead to depression, too, because there’s no foresight, insight, vision because of the loss of expectation for a better future.

Aingeal Rose: We must transform. Think of the different ways we have to do everything now. It isn’t just careers and work and having to shift the way we do business in this world, it’s also the way you do yourself, it’s habits you have that no longer serve you. I know I’ve had to change some habits that I’ve had for 40-odd years, but I wasn’t ready until now. There’s something about this energy that made me ready. There are positives. The light that’s coming has power. It is positive.

There’s confusion attached to change. There’s loss of a sense of who you are. It causes depression trying to continue to do things the way you we always did. The world is demanding transformation. This is the biggest thing people are going through.

We’ve had to listen to higher meditations or go to Source deliberately to maintain some sort of higher perspective, which is why we go in and we check because people are experiencing this. I’ve had some clients feel completely hopeless right now, feeling a loss for any sort of positive sense about the future. And yet, the positive waves (when they come in) are really strong. We’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still a lot more transformation to happen. It’s the death of the old paradigm that we’ve been living in. The demand for a new paradigm is high.

Ahonu: We know you can’t solve the problem from the level of the problem. It’s a good thing and a necessary thing to go above in order to solve the issue that we’re facing right now. So, don’t be afraid to look to your higher self, or a higher power, or look to that aspect of creation that made everything.

Source asked us to go to our higher selves. Trying to solve the problems all on our own by ourselves, right here at the level of where the problem is - that’s contributing to the depression. When we feel we’re making no progress, and nothing’s happening, there’s no satisfaction, then there’s only confusion and chaos. But when you relinquish that and trust in a higher power and trust in your God/Source, then it allows the transformation to be purposeful, and to be embedded, and ingested in a more powerful way and in a very trusting and loving way.

Aingeal Rose: We are moving into a paradigm that is more love-based, that is more surrender to your higher self based. And certainly it’s more loving. It’s more loving in the way we are with ourselves, and in the way we are towards others. It’s demanding that we move into a greater place of love and acceptance. Emerald green is such a healing light. Anybody who has done Reiki in the past will know that its predominant energy is Emerald green or violet, and its color is a healing current. It encourages us to surrender to the love of our universe, sustaining all life. If we could only get our heads out of the way and remember to surrender to it - this is the best advice for today. It is all about moving into a higher place of love.

We need to listen to it and practice it, and surrender, and trust that the outcome is always good.

Thank you. Blessings from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu.


351: Cars and Creation

351: Cars and Creation

March 13, 2021

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu use cars as an analogy to help understand DNS and creation. This is an 8 minute deep dive into changing habits, health and life itself.

350: Past Life Memories of Egypt

350: Past Life Memories of Egypt

March 6, 2021

Hi, this is Ahonu, and on behalf of Aingeal Rose, welcome. We’ve got something different for you today. It’s about Egypt, but first, you may remember Robert Burns in his poem To A Mouse written in 1785, he said,

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley. An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, / For promis’d joy!”

Well, we had plans and we were all excited about them. We went to Ireland last year to run several workshops. Some were on the sacred sites of Ireland and others were on book writing and book publishing. But that was 2020, and everyone knows what happened in 2020. It was a case of the best laid plans of mice and men.

It all crumbled into nothingness. So we’re going to play you a short video now that we were making at the time. And it’s all full of the excitement and the joy of the prospect of being with people who love exploring the sacred sites of Ireland and the sacred sites of Egypt. And we were excited too. And immediately after that, You’ll hear a little story written by Aingeal Rose. And in that story, she recalls a past life memory of being in the Royal household in Egypt. And she wrote that story during one of our writing classes that also had to be abandoned, but we will hold them again because many people got such a kick out of our writing classes that we could not discontinue them permanently. We will be organizing them, this time virtually.

So we’re continuing on with our Royal road retreats adventure. We just got done doing a 10-day tour Ireland, and we did the mystical connection between Ireland and Egypt. Now we’re going on to Cairo and to the wonderful temples in Egypt and the history of Egypt as it pertains to all of us, because I do know that many of us do remember lifetimes, where we lived in Egypt.

So, if you’ve never been, this is your chance to come with us. I go through a very mystical experience, especially after just coming off Ireland. So. We hope you’ll join us because we’re only taking about 12 people. And many of those will in fact, be coming from the Ireland trip as well, so places will be limited.

Right. And also I come from Ireland, you’ve got me with the Irish accent, going to Egypt, where I lived for about six years also the Ireland tour. There’ll be stories. Sure, there’ll be stories. And we’ve got master tour guides too. It’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime. So we look forward to seeing you.

Aingeal Rose: I was 10 years old when our world was invaded. Gone were my days of playing in the tall reeds by the majestic Nile in the warm sunshine, as if overnight there were restrictions and curfews, but was once a carefree and happy society was now a civilization of fear and caution. We had been rendered silent and consequently, we invented codes and secret languages amongst ourselves. In essence, we went underground. I can still hear the echoes in our minds of the past. How about once was, and then how it became. Thank God, our memories of the times that we’re having never faded without them, we would not have a compass to go by to know how to live. And the skulls we made them from many types of stone, crystal, amethyst, granite, obsidian, lapis and agate.

They were replicas of our own skulls. And we each put our own knowledge inside them, preserving it in the likely event that at some point we’d be murdered, which indeed many of us were. The skulls are yet to be discovered. They are buried deep underground, and can only be found when the awareness of the overtones comes into the consciousness of the existing humanity.

During the times of the oppression, it was important for us to meet many times a week in the underground chambers. It was the only way we kept the flames of the light of the sun burning within our hearts. It was a great risk to venture out in secret times to find a meeting places and meeting times, which were random and telepathic. On the surface, the oppressors would carry out their power games and it was difficult to stay out of harm’s way. One had to behave as a normal farmer trader or slave within obedient mentality and a compliant nature.

If we must have a Pharaoh of the oppression, it would be Horam Hab, for he persecuted his own people, as well as the Hebrews. How the oppression game took hold, and has continued to roll on through the centuries is still a mystery to me. Perhaps the mind darkens over time when subjected to continued restraint in domination.

Perhaps complacency becomes the normal way of being until violence and aggression become the rebelling focus. Either effect has not changed or diminished the problem. Oppression is still rampant here in the 21st century. I would venture to say that the oppressors today are the same as those of centuries past. Those enslaved today are those same enslaved.

But is there a full moon rising? Is there an ancient memory awakening, a stirring inside that is collapsing time and beckoning the ratio of history. There is for me. I know I am reinstating the self that would not be buried or bred out of me. I am preparing myself to be renewed and reborn. I am the chooser and the decider. I am the revolutionist and I will stand.

349: Fear Of The Future

349: Fear Of The Future

February 27, 2021

Fear Of The Future is a short extract from a discussion between Aingeal Rose & Ahonu while on a road trip. It focuses on our fear of the future but in its 2 minutes; it helps eliminate this fear and shows how nebulous our fear of the future really is. 

348: The Darkroom Of Love

348: The Darkroom Of Love

February 20, 2021

The Darkroom of Love - The Number of Love and Overcoming Reincarnation is the recording of the realizations of Ahonu about Love. 

347: It’s Time For Forgiveness - Help Is Here

347: It’s Time For Forgiveness - Help Is Here

February 13, 2021

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu were told, "It's Time For Forgiveness!" Help is here in this, the 6th and last episode in the 6-week "Help Is Here" series where we have conversations with Source about how to be in the world. This time we learn about forgiveness. Aingeal Rose has down-stepped crucial information that we want to share with you now.

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