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392: Penny Kelly on Russia, Ukraine, ascension, global civil war and much more!

392: Penny Kelly on Russia, Ukraine, ascension, global civil war and much more!

March 12, 2022

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu discuss with Penny Kelly the Ukraine and Russia, fake news, ascension, depression, dimensions and the possibility of global civil war.

391: It’s Time To Reunite

391: It’s Time To Reunite

March 5, 2022

This is Aingeal Rose coming to you from Prescott, Arizona. I'm here with my beloved Ahonu. I've been incognito because, as some of you know, I wasn't well for a while.

I had an experience in 2019 that put me over the edge a little. I experienced the split we're all going through right now. Source clearly showed me that we needed to choose which dimension we want to live in because the Earth was going through a split. Notice I said a 'split' and not a 'shift'. I was experiencing a break between two paradigms. One was the old paradigm we've been living in for thousands of years, and the other is the new world of love and harmony (what we're calling the World of Empowerment), and we're being asked to choose. So, upon choosing the eternal life paradigm at that time, I started to go through the process.

What was the process, and what did I experience? Well, it started with memories coming up from my subconscious. They were memories of all sorts of experiences, some happy things, some sad, along with current and past life events. They were all playing out again in detail.

I realized the process of shifting over from one dimension to the other is quite complex and involved. So, fast forward to 2022 and we find other teachers are talking about the paradigm split. This is universal information that is being received by many others across the globe at this time.
Many people have told us they want to feel more connected to their higher selves. They want to be more psychic. They want to know how to connect to themselves. They ask, how do I get deeper?

So, we've decided to create a monthly program to focus on the whole process of splitting from the old paradigm and moving into the new. This is quite a comprehensive process. Every meetup will be different. Every time we meet will encompass diverse, interesting, engaging issues. One meeting might be an Akashic Records group session with Source to get a state of what the world is going through, another episode might be an intimate discussion about what each one of you is going through with the split, how you're experiencing it. Another time we might do an advanced Tarot spread to look deeply into yourself. One session may have us read and discuss a chapter from a book. Other days we might have a tarot hour where you can just ask a personal question. Next, we may do a quantum jump into Paradise Earth.

No matter what form it takes, it requires a lot of letting go, a lot of releasing, and a lot of forgiving. It's going to be varied and diverse, but most of all, it will be guided by Spirit - and a lot of fun!

So, I'm back because it's necessary at this time. I'm back because we've had so many people call who are confused, or are struggling with finances, or relationships, or psychic attach. Not only that, the energies coming in from the Cosmos are strong and people are going through different physical symptoms as a result of that. We're going to discuss it all. We're going to get clear. We're going to get closer to ourselves. We're going to get into a relationship with each other and, we're going through this together. 

This will be an online video event. The registration page is on

We look forward to seeing you. Blessing and love from myself Aingeal Rose and my beloved Ahonu.

390: Ahonu Admits 3 Mistakes

390: Ahonu Admits 3 Mistakes

February 26, 2022

I made three mistakes. I wanted to offer ten-minute slots for free consultation with me so that I could help people with my experience and my expertise.

The first mistake was, in my desire to help others, I sent out an email that had the word 'free' in the subject line, which, of course, we all know (and I should have known) is a no-no. It got flagged by the search engines and went straight into spam.

The second mistake was I should have checked with the people around me before I sent it because I didn't realize I was getting myself into trouble. Well, every ten-minute slot filled for the whole day - in ten minutes! I couldn't believe it.

Neither could I believe the trouble and the difficulty people were in that needed my help. That was a shocker to me. I realized that I was not able to help everybody in the ten minutes allocation that I gave to them, and that it's going to involve a lot more than what I had anticipated.

The third mistake was in realizing I could have done everything a lot better, a lot different, a lot more efficiently, and a lot more effectively.

All day I had that horrible feeling when you do something wrong, or when you make a mistake. That feeling was deep inside me all day and I didn't know what to do about it. So, I asked the mountain, and the mountain said, well, think about 'mistake'. Did you 'miss-take' something, or did you take something and missed?

Either way, it was a realization that my gallant effort wasn't as effective as it could have been, but it wasn't the end of the world - it can always be taken again. Okay, you shoot an arrow at a target, you miss the first time, that was your 'mistake', and you take it again.

Like in the movies, they take one, take two, take ten, take 40, take 100. So, I too, will take it again, and in that way feel much better and help more people. That was a great life lesson - mistakes are just that - they're just mis-takes. Take it again, and that's what I will be doing!

I'm grateful for your patience and understanding with me, and I'm sorry that so many were disappointed because all of those slots were taken so quickly. But there will be another take, and it will be more effective, more efficient with better collaboration. The next take will not miss.

What was perceived initially as something that was wrong, and was eating away at me, has now turned into an opportunity to help you better and more effectively. So, thank you for your patience. I love you and I look forward to serving you.

389: How To Awaken

389: How To Awaken

February 19, 2022

Few of us can awaken and be spiritually aware with knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration, but others can. Here's how to do it.

I am Ahonu. Aingeal Rose and I, for many, many years recorded podcasts which we started in  2009. We began around 2012 when you had this whole Mayan calendar thing going on. We were answering a lot of questions online for people who were confused at that time.

Now, that's over ten years ago and here we are still answering the same questions, and that's okay, because it's a whole new batch of people and we've awakened in our own awareness. So, this morning, the whole idea of awakening came up. The reason it came up was because we were listening back to some of our old recordings to see which one would be most suitable to put into our new World of Empowerment.

The one we listened to last night was all about dreams.

One of the questions asked was, ”If your dream was interrupted by somebody and you awoke pretty quickly, what actually happens?“ The entire discussion revolved around what happens to the body when it awakens most mornings for most people. We found of course, that the eyes open, light comes into the body, hormones start flowing, the blood starts pumping, muscles get flexed and stretched and so on. Life, as it were, comes into the mind-body system. Some people can awaken very quickly, but for others It  takes a little bit of time.

They'll sit bolt upright in the bed and boom, they're awake! And speaking metaphysically, that's similar to the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree and becoming enlightened. En-light-ened. Light has come in. For others, it takes that cup of coffee in the morning. You sometimes hear people say, "I'm not awake until I get my first cup of Joe. It's why the likes of Starbucks and coffee shops make a fortune from people lining up there in the mornings to get their cup of coffee because they believe that's what it takes to awaken.

So, no matter if it's an outside stimulus or an inside stimulus, there's a physical, emotional and spiritual change that takes place to move from the physical sleep into the awakened state. Now, let's move into the awakened state of the spiritual. I believe that it involves the same or similar kind of change. Why do I say that? Because, few enough of us can just wake and be spiritually aware with knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration.

Some people do, of course. But for those of us who need that spiritual cup of Joe, to wake up to the new World of Empowerment and the new world of enlightenment, there can be a period  or ‘process’ of awakening. There can be physical, mental  and emotional changes that need to take place, and  so on. This includes letting go of old ideas and patterns, letting go of the past and going through forgiveness processes. 
So, if you're not awakened yet, don't lash yourself over the back with the proverbial whip. Don't beat yourself up because it could be that you're in that process of awakening. It just takes time. Some people lounge around in bed for a little while. They enjoy the stretch, the comfort of the warmth knowing that shortly they're going to have to put their feet out on the cold ground and get dressed or whatever they're going to do for the day. That could be the case with you and me and many, many people.

Maybe we do need to put our feet out on the ground. Maybe we do need to open our eyes and allow the Sun to come in through the pineal gland and come down through our body and enter into our physical system to wake us up. Maybe that's what has to happen spiritually. So let's go easy with ourselves today. Let's awaken slowly. Enjoy your day. 

388: Happy Valentines Day!

388: Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Hey, we don't have to remind you, this is Valentine's Day! This is the day the world is in love. But in fact, there is love everywhere. All day, every day. We all know that. But this is the day we tend to express it.

And I want to express my love for you. My love for Aingeal Rose. My love for all our children, all our families, all our friends. But all cultures, all nations, all colors, all races, all nationalities. This is the day to feel it. That we are one. We're together. We're in love with each other, with creation, with the potential of humanity.

Have a blessed day today and every day. From myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.

387: Free Help

387: Free Help

February 5, 2022

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu offer free help on 2/22. Call, email or somehow find our contact details and get on our calendar.

This is only for one day on 2/22!

Simply click here to get on our calendar:

386: The Secret To Happiness

386: The Secret To Happiness

January 29, 2022
Aingeal Rose asked Ahonu to seek the secret of happiness from the mountain. He got a crisp reception and a rather surprising answer! Here's what he said...
I sat there for a few moments and asked the mountain, and the mountain said, you humans are such a crowd of dumb asses. You have the answers to everything. And yet you, Ahonu, come up here and ask me questions every morning, and so many thousands and millions of people ask the same questions about life and death, and you have all the answers within you.
Indeed, Aingeal Rose goes into the Akashic Records and in there, finds the answers to everything. The answer to the secret to happiness is I AM. It's simple. You've always known it. You feel it inside you, and yet you struggle to bring it into conscious awareness.
This growth of awareness is critical to answering all your questions, because nature has the answer to happiness. Earth has the answers. The atmosphere, the air, the water, everything around you, your own bodies have the answers.
So, I was a little taken aback by the mountain this morning, because until now, it has been very gentle, very nourishing, and very nurturing. But I have to accept the mountain is absolutely right. We have all the answers to happiness. We are the I AM and therefore we are capable of anything, and happiness is within us.
There's nothing more I can say. Have a blessed day - and be happy.
Happiness by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
You can find more like this on our YouTube Channel here:
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are 11-11 Twin Flames who have empowered 1,000s worldwide, helping them find truth, inner happiness and practical spirituality in a fast changing world. They founded World of Empowerment on 11-11-12 and relaunched it on 2-11-22
385: Power & Empowerment

385: Power & Empowerment

January 22, 2022
I want to talk about power, particularly empowerment. In 2007, Aingeal Rose and I were living in Asheville, North Carolina, where she was doing her Akashic records readings and I was doing spirit art for my clients. Throughout the years, we accumulated a lot of content, a vast archive of personal and group Akashic Records readings, 500 podcasts, 500 or more videos, hundreds of spirit art pictures and thousands of profound statements. That was our way of helping to empower others. But we didn’t know what we were doing in the bigger picture.
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
We realized the two of us were a far more formidable force of empowerment than as individuals. So, we went to a business friend of ours to ask what our core purpose was. We wanted to know how we could maximize the potency of our purpose together. We knew our gifts held something greater for the world, but what do we call it? How do we present it?
She suggested we were all about empowerment for others. We went home and thought about that for a long time. We realized empowerment was indeed the word that encapsulated what we were doing in the world. Empowerment was our mission. So, we formed a website called World of Empowerment - all to do with helping others with personal power and growing the feeling of being empowered in the world.
Power and Empowerment with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
What do we do with the information? How do we disseminate all that content? What do we do with that vast archive of Akashic Records? How can we bring it to the world in such a way that it would be beneficial? We put it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, not realizing we were driving people to grow those websites and we were doing nothing to grow our own. So, we revisited World of Empowerment.
I wasn’t happy about the name simply because the acronym for it was WOE. That troubled me for a long time. We tried different names, but everything kept bringing us back to World of Empowerment. No other name was working to describe our mission. The positive and negative world we live in may have been a factor. But there was more to it, and that revealed how we perceived ourselves.
Empowerment & Power with Aingeal Rose
On investigation, I found a lot of businesses, companies and corporations that lose the preposition in their names. The prepositions are what the search engines call a stop word. They lose the stop word in their name because the search engines don’t rank stop words. Words like of, in, or other short words are dropped. And when we drop the stop word “of” in the middle of World of Empowerment, we get WE - WE!
That was it. It was all about WE. Us together, meaning all of us. Not just me, or Aingeal Rose - all of us together! That was empowering! It inspired us to go back to create our new website, our academy, let’s call it, this University, this collection of archives of knowledge and information, of spiritual growth, of spiritual awareness. You can become part of it now. You can join and live in that world of empowerment we’re all destined for together.
Empowerment with Aingeal Rose
I want to tell you something before we leave. The tiers and levels available in the World of Empowerment are following the levels of the chakras, so you’ll find Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, and White. They are levels of accessibility, or levels of growth that you can tap into, depending on your own desire to explore more, learn more, and become more empowered as you and our world of empowerment unfolds.
The new World of Empowerment is available at It is all about empowering each one of us on the planet and beyond. Together, WE, all of us. We look forward to seeing you!
Power and Empowerment with Aingeal Rose
384: Children & Muddy Puddles

384: Children & Muddy Puddles

January 15, 2022

Aingeal Rose and I were in San Diego, California, for our granddaughter's fourth birthday. The fourth birthday was very important for her. I joked with her, saying I thought she was three and a half, and she said, “No, I'm four!” She was absolutely insistent on being four, not three and a half! I thought about why that was so important for the children.

Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

I remember myself way back at those far distant times, and my own children, thinking how important it was to be older when you're that age. I noticed also that in the lead up to it, our grandchild was talking about three more sleeps, two more sleeps - everything was being measured in days, hours, minutes, minutes and moments.

Whereas, everything we do as adults, it's months, years, and then it can be decades and sometimes even centuries. It got me thinking about the many quotations about how children perceive time and how we perceive ourselves as we grow up. One of them, of course, was Ferguson who said,

"The measure of a man's age is when he walks around a puddle instead of walking through it."

Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

It's true. As we grow up, we lose the children in us. And today, at this four year old birthday party, I want to feel that child inside and I want to jump in to puddles. But unfortunately, here in Southern California, it's dry, hot, and there are no puddles. But however, we can create them in our minds.

Children and Muddy Puddles Aingeal Rose & Ahonu World of Empowerment

And that's our intention, to be as children. The Bible talks about "be as little children", why? Because children live in the moment, and that’s the message from Southern California today - let's be as little children, let's jump into puddles. Have a great day!





Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are 11-11 Twin Flames who have empowered 1,000s worldwide, helping them find truth, inner happiness and practical spirituality in a fast changing world. They founded World of Empowerment on 11-11-12 and relaunched it on 2-11-22 https://worldofempowerment.com and

383: It’s Time To Choose

383: It’s Time To Choose

January 8, 2022

Ahonu says it like it is - it's time to choose between the life and death paradigm.

In 2019, Aingeal Rose went through a dark night of the soul, and it caused her to see a different reality going on at the same time as this reality. It seemed unreal to her and had no meaning. Nothing had any meaning.

Indeed, things seemed to turn black and white, somewhat like watching a black and white movie. She explains it all in a video we made at the time. And the reason I'm bringing this up now is because she talked about entering a time of choice. A choice time, a time to decide about which paradigm you want to belong to. You want to belong to the love paradigm or the death paradigm?

Well, it's been a couple of years, three years on and here we are in the midst of life changes. Huge changes on planet Earth. Huge changes in people's lives all over the world. And there's no question about it, but this time of change is upon us.

And the reason I'm coming to you today is because I know which paradigm I've chosen and I want you to reflect on it because it's very important for you to make that choice, too. You want to choose the paradigm of death or life? And in the life paradigm, there is no fear. The fear has been thrown at us from every quarter day-in day-out; fear of death, fear of mandates, fear of future, fear of food shortages, fear of government overreach, fear of loss of freedom. Fear of every kind has been thrown upon us.

But in the everlasting life paradigm, the fear is gone and we see only love everywhere. And we see forgiveness of all this fear mongering everywhere. So that's the question for today. Which life are you choosing now? Because we don't have much time left, really, to start making this big choice. To find out more about this, simply search online. You get it on YouTube too, but search online for "paradigm shift Aingeal Rose and Ahonu".

Until then, blessings from myself Ahonu & Angie Rose. Have a life changing paradigm shift day.



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