361: The Horse Poop Realization
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361: The Horse Poop Realization
May 22, 2021
Instead of speaking about focus all the time, Ahonu has a horse poop realization.

This is called the horse poop realization. Let me explain. Over the last couple of weeks, I've done a couple of podcasts from Sedona, Arizona, where we spoke about being focused. Today I was mucking out horses, as is the norm for me here in Southern California, and I had a realization I want to share with you.

Scooping poop (or mucking out) is one of the most meditative exercises you can do. It helps by allowing the focus of attention to take place while doing something mundane. And rather than complain about doing the mundane all the time, it allows the door to open to some other possibilities.

Over the last few weeks we've been talking about "focus" all the time and we fail in all kinds of different ways because of life going on, children, families, work, business, politics, and the rest of it, all taking our attention.

So if we can somehow use the opportunity that life itself is teaching us, and that is to do what we're doing in the moment, stay just in the moment all the time. This has been preached by many people in various ways all through the years. And that's the realization I had, that the more we stay in the moment, the better we are with everything.