A&A Interview Margaret Gallagher On The Forthcoming Disclosure Trauma
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A&A Interview Margaret Gallagher On The Forthcoming Disclosure Trauma
May 13, 2023
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Margaret Gallagher on the forthcoming disclosure trauma.
Today we have a special guest on all the way from Australia but living in Wales. We're going to find out more about her in a few minutes, her background, her history and how she got pregnant when she was 16! But until we get to that, let's give you an idea of what it is that we're going to discuss today.

We'll be speaking with Margaret Gallagher, and Margaret, she's a well educated person living in Wales for a good number of years, but is very concerned about the future of humanity and we will let her go into detail and explain what it is that she proposes and what she has in her mind to help people.

But it's important to frame it that we are entering into a difficult time for people on the Earth in all kinds of different ways, whether it's climate change, whether it's economics, whether it's financial collapse, whether... whatever the reason is, whether it's spiritual upgrades or whatever. We need to hear what Margaret has to say and how she proposes that we may be able to help people who are not aware of what's going on.

So, Margaret Gallagher, you are very welcome. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Margaret: Well, I'm in my 70s, came over to the UK with my husband in 1994, and I've lived here ever since he passed at the end of '98. So I've been flying solo for quarter of a century now and we met and married when I was 40. Before that, life was an adventure.

Ahonu: Tell us the story about how you got pregnant when you were 16.

Margaret: My dad passed away when I was 15 and one of the people that came around to visit was a cousin from my side of the family, my dad's side of the family, and I'd known them forever and he was in my parents age group.

My father was much older person and my mom started seeing each other and within nine months they were married. He had two sons, one was the same age as me. I was straight out of Sunday school, completely naive, and these kids had lived in a fairly interesting neighborhood, and they were both very experienced. And within a few months, we were hooking up, to use the terminology, because he was the only person that I could talk to about having lost my dad because he'd lost his mum mum.

And I like, I was a teenager at the time and I put a stop to it. But once the parents got married, me living under the same roof, he thought he had conjugal rights and threatened me if I didn't give in. And on one of those occasions when I tried to fight him off, he forced me anyway, and I got pregnant.

He denied paternity, nobody believed him and they knew what had happened and they wanted me to marry him because I was damaged goods. That's exactly what my mother said.

Ahonu: Now that's interesting. Sorry for putting you on the spot there, Margaret, but the reason I asked you is because clearly, it has framed your entire experience up to now and it puts you in a position to be able to help others.

Margaret: Yes, because I've had to be self-responsible since, basically since dad died there's not been anybody. My mother is stepping in occasionally to help out. Yeah, I had to be self responsible.

I was kicked out when I was 18. I was kicked out the first time I was 18, living in a boarding house, absolutely petrified. They let me come back again and then they kicked me out again and that was it. I've been by myself since then and I was working, not earning enough money to feed myself for the whole week, so I go home for a few nights a week and see my daughter because she had to stay with them and it's just been that case all the way through.

Whatever I've done has been off my own back because I've always been a responsible person and I was clever kid at school and it used to break my heart that I never finished school. I dropped out. I was pressured to drop out because his kids had dropped out and when I was in my mid-twenties and by that time my daughter was living with me, they introduced a pension for single mothers and so I instantly went on the pension, went back to school, I went to my old high school, got my matriculation, went to university and did a science degree, eventually. It took me a while to get through because life stuff got in the way and I eventually finished it part time.

So I went from double chemistry in third year to psychology, which was where I should have been, which I didn't know at the time because it was dull, but it's taking me into working with people, which is where I was meant to be, which I didn't I had no clue about at the time. I just wanted to get a better job with more money because I was sick to death of working for peanuts for people who couldn't tie their shoelaces back in those days, anybody who had a management job was a male. Didn't matter. I worked in offices where every woman had a degree and the blokes would be in the management jobs and they all were clueless. So I just needed to do something that was real.

Ahonu: Now you are doing something that's real. Tell us about what it is that you propose to help others in this great time of change we're in.

Margaret: Okay, well, just a little bit of extrapolation from there. I worked with people for nearly 30 years. During that time, my mother passed away, stepfather passed away first. My husband passed away after seven years of marriage. So I have been through a whole lot of stuff including poverty, and drama and all that stuff. I moved up to London for a while, ended up homeless. So I kind of know what it's like to be standing in the middle of all this stuff and having to pull myself together and keep moving forward.

And so that feeling of everything dropping out of your insides because everything that you've ever known has gone and you have to keep going, is a strong feeling. It's not something that troubles me now, but it's something I'm very aware of. And it occurred to me with all this thing that's going on now with all the medical drama and people who are being made ill and getting killed by it, are starting to wake up.

But there's so much more going on behind the scenes that some of us know about and some of us don't. When that becomes apparent, and it looks very much like it's slowly seeping out, there are going to be a huge number of people who everything that they've believed in, everything they've built their life on, their personality on, who they are in the world, is going to completely disappear out from under their feet.

It's going to be a humongous shock, not just a psychological shock. I think it's an energetic one as well because that feeling like when you're a kid, you have a breakup, you get that feeling in your stomach like something's been ripped out.

I know when my husband died, everything from here down was like it had disappeared. There was a big hole inside me. And I know that now that it was an energetic because we we're so deeply connected. And that kind of energetic connection to your whole life is going to be ripped away from people, lots of them, in a very short period of time.

I think those of us who've got some kind of an awareness of what is going on and what they're likely to expect, need to be prepared for that and to be able to offer them help, because what I'm seeing is a lot of folks saying, oh well, serves them right.

With regard to the medical thing, most of those folks don't know the rest of it, and people saying, oh, why don't they get up on their hind legs and do what the French are doing? But the French I don't think, have the same level of mind management the rest of us have, especially in the United States. You guys have been buried in it.

It's been pretty bad here, but I don't watch the news anymore. It makes me want to put my foot through the telly. But you are inundated with all that sort of stuff and people are hypnotized by it and deliberately so. There's an entrainment thing going on there.

I started hypnosis on the way through my journey through life, and if you see somebody tapping their foot regularly and they're talking, you know they're trying to entrain people. It is a thing that they've been doing for years and years and years.

So these folks are hypnotized into their belief system and they can't break out of it. The only thing that's going to break them out is this massive emotional and mental disconnect when everything disappears, everything they believe in, everything they've trusted, it's all going to go down the pan and they will not know who they are, which way is up or what to do.

There's going to be a lot of suicides. There's going to be a lot of very angry people looking for somebody to get payback from. And if there's anything the rest of us can do to help them to prevent that happening, but also to help them to find themselves again, I think we should do our best to do that.

One of the things I think is some kind of energy support, energy healing energy, and I don't know what would work. There's lots of modalities out there and there's lots of people working as groups. I think it should be something that maybe people think about
and experiment with to see if they can find a protocol that's going to help people.

Ahonu: Well, before you go into the detail about that, Margaret, our own experience is following that same path. It's one of the reasons why we created the World Of Empowerment, because we feel that a lot of people are disempowered in lots of different ways and they're dependent on the authority figures, whatever form that takes. It could be religious authority figures, it could be political, but whatever form it takes, certainly a lot of people are dependent on that structure and that's, as you say, crumbling.

It's also interesting to note that when we were in Ireland around about 2010, 2011, we were familiar with the suicide statistics at the time. During that time, I think it was leading up to 2012, there was a spike, or what appeared to be a spike, in suicides. The numbers were off the charts, but Ireland at the time was reporting them. When we got back to the United States, we asked the same questions - what are the statistics for suicide in the United States, and we found out that they were very much hidden, but they were also off the charts. I understand also that that is the case recently too, that they're off the charts. So tell us, how do you propose what is it that's in your mind about how to energetically help people?

Margaret: Honest to God, I don't know. It feels like how can I put it? It needs to be emotional, psychological support as well, but I just think because it's such a huge shock to your, like, having all your chakras unplugged from at least from here down. That's what it felt like when John passed. And I'm sure you had a little bit of that when Aingeal Rose got carted off in an ambulance recently. You feel it in your guts.

I've done lots of different modalities of reconnective healing and all the other stuff, the reiki and all that, but to be honest, that's a massive, massive thing to deal with and I think we need to explore it. I think the community of light workers, healers, whatever you want to call it, I feel like a bit of a pocket columnist of light worker, to be honest.

I'm just me, but I'm here to be helpful in whatever way I can, whatever you'd call that. But there are some scalar energy systems that might work. I honestly don't know because I just worked through it. It took me a long time. But we don't want to make people go through that. We want to be able to help them, give them that energetic solution. But honest to God, I don't know, short of people who've got either the equipment or the wherewithal to experiment with it.

Aingeal Rose: Can we back up a little bit, Margaret, and can you share some of the things that you think people are going to find out about that are going to basically crush them?

Margaret: Well, people traffic, child trafficking, the wholesale abuse of children sexually, organ harvesting, satanic rituals, the whole routine, and who's been doing it, which is pretty much anybody at the top of anywhere, right? Which is why you look around the world at some of the people who are in charge of governments and who are behaving completely illogically and people have no clue why. And this is why, because they're being blackmailed if you don't do as you're told, blah, blah, blah.

This is my opinion. Of course, I have nothing to base that on, but I'm seeing information about it everywhere and it's growing and growing and growing and growing. Some people have got concrete information. I don't, and so anything I say is just my opinion. I don't know for sure, but this is what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing, including from survivors, and when it comes out, it's going to be shocking.

Ahonu: Well, I remember Aingeal Rose telling me a story about her mother a good few years ago. Her mother was very religious and Aingeal Rose was a psychic and her mother had difficulty absorbing the fact that her daughter was psychic. Aingeal Rose, tell the story about how you didn't want to pull the rug from under her belief system.

Aingeal Rose: Well, that was basically information that Source sent to me because she was very religious and I was not. I mean, I was raised Catholic, but I kind of veered off the path in my 20s. So for her, when I first wrote my first book "A Time Of Change", I had an aunt who was sending me a book on exorcisms, right. I mean, she was convinced that I was demonic and handed me this book. And I read it. In fairness, I read it. It actually had a lot of very interesting information, but it convinced me that I was not possessed, that Archangel Raphael had been teaching me at that point, and it just made me sure of who I was talking to.

But with my mom, she was always worried about my soul, and I took it personally because I felt that I was on this spiritual path, and by her kind of denying who I was, I took it personally. This is me that you're rejecting? Well, I went to Source about it, and Source basically said to me to only focus on the things that we did have in common.

In other words, don't go there, because her faith is who she is. She was basically raised up with it. Her identity is connected to it now, and it would cause more fear in her if you just pulled the rug out from underneath her and basically told her that most of her beliefs were wrong.

Ahonu: The reason we raised that is, do you think that that's what's going to happen? Like, when truth comes out about whatever, that if you pull the rug from other people's belief systems that it will leave them with nothing?

Margaret: Having been there through bereavements, and the homelessness thing and you've got nobody and you just have to pull yourself together and focus and just take one foot at a time, because you've got no other choice other than jump off something, and I had cats, so I couldn't because I'd look after them.

But yes, and a lot of people won't know what to do. They won't know to put themselves
some people go through a bit of that when their kids grow up and leave home or when they retire. Their purpose is gone.

This whole thing is going to take everything away, everything, off the cliff without a parachute, and you can't see the bottom. And it's terrifying, absolutely terrifying. Every emotion will be up here, and the first one will be anger in any direction, and there'll be a hopelessness because they won't know what to trust, what to believe in, or what to do.

Aingeal Rose: Well, I think this brings us to the bigger problem of humanity, and that is the authority problem. The fact that we give all our power to authority figures from the get go, and this is what sets us up. You find out that your mommy and your daddy, quote, unquote, whether they're government leaders or your actual parents or religious leaders, are liars and aren't telling you the truth, and in fact, have disempowered you for many years and are not moral like they say, then you find out that you're crushed because you've built your identity upon them, and that's a big thing.

The problem is we need to learn how to be our own authority. I remember back in the day when I was on my metaphysical path, and to have somebody say to me that I had permission not to believe somebody like to say, you don't have to believe them. You can say, no, you can say, that's not true. For me, I remember feeling very liberated, like, oh, yeah, that's true. I don't have to believe everything I was told. If I don't agree with it, I don't have to believe it.

It is a process of reclaiming your own identity, and your own identity is your relationship with God. That's who you really are. It's not about any human being. When this happens with people, the problem they have is they don't know how to be their own authority, and they don't know what to do. Who do I go to? Who's going to tell me what to do?

... And there's lots more. Listen to the episode here to get to the full story.