444: Fear
World of Empowerment
444: Fear
March 4, 2023
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu present Fear as the monthly topic for Session #13 for the Reflections In Consciousness group. #ukraine #ww3 #prediction #CovidIsntOver #death #dying #future #whatsgoingon #spirit #afterlife
Ahonu speaks from the red rocks of Sedona about Fear. These rocks have been here for millions of years. Some people estimate that they have been underwater twice in the vast history of time. It means some things survive despite what's going on in the world. In our case, we're also here; humans are still here, as we have been for millennia.

We get contacted by so many people who are afraid of the future. They're in fear of pandemics, fear of government policy, fear of the threat of war. They're in fear of the poisoning of food, of having no water. Others have said there's too much water. "Look, I've got four feet of water in my basement. All our possessions are destroyed."

That can be a fearful thing, and it's very hard to predict. Is it going to happen again next year? Will it happen every year? We can let all these issues prevent us from living in the moment and prevent us from understanding we are eternal.

Now, sure, the body dies, but in terms of the divinity of ourselves, we are eternal and we come and go and we will be here again. We're not just the mere mortals we think we are. We're not subject to all the fear mongering that's going on. We can surpass and overcome all these things.

If somebody put a gun to my head right now, it will raise fear. There is such a thing as fight and flight, and there is such a thing as the body's natural reaction. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the bigger picture, and the bigger picture says, don't be afraid, guys. You're here, you've been here millions of years, and you'll be here for millions more.

So look to the big picture. Look to your divinity. Look to the fact that you're God given, you're God made, you're God inside and outside. Therefore, anything on the outside that attempts to threaten has no value. 

Fear has come up in many people from the posturing and saber rattling going on between China and Russia and the United States and the Ukraine and NATO and so on. Fear has come up so much that Aingeal Rose is presenting it in her monthly Reflections in Consciousness that's part of the World of Empowerment. If you're interested in joining that, you'll find it's an engaging discussion every month on various topics. This time it's fear.

But in order to get some answers ourselves, we've been asking questions about fear ourselves. One question Aingeal Rose put to me this morning was, do spirits feel fear? 

Aingeal Rose: Source said consciousness doesn't experience fear, that it's only love and intelligence. I asked, what does experience fear? It said the body does. Since our body is really an animal body, that we have an instinctual nature just like animals, and we experience fear when we feel threatened in some capacity, that it's an instinctual act.

Ahonu: Well, in my opinion, spirit entities can feel fear. We're familiar with disincarnate entities and spirit bodies that can be negative in their influence. 

Secondly, the reason there's a lot of negative spiritual energy around Earth is because they feel the separation from the God-Source. That separation engenders fear about what's going to happen to them; will they go back to space dust and become non-entities, or what's going to happen?

The other reason is many years ago, we asked a question in the Akashic Records about spirits. We found that spirit beings are not necessarily the perfect beings we thought they were. Spirit beings, even though we're led to believe through religions, that after death, you're in a spirit body and everything is perfect, we found that's not necessarily the case.

The last reason is that a lot of times, as we know from the testimony of people who have had near-death experiences, in their creative ability after death, they're still creating scenarios. In fact, one friend of ours had four near-death experiences. They can feel fear in that place. Not all of them, but many do, and that's because they're still tethered to their bodies. There's an issue about how free the spirit really is. So, if the spirit can be free of earth, then perhaps it may also dispense with fear. But as long as it's tethered through relationships, with karma, by feeling that something is left undone, through guilt or a lack of forgiveness — if they haven't completely freed themselves from the body, then there is fear in the spirit world.

Aingeal Rose: That opens another can of worms. Source told me consciousness doesn't feel fear because it's composed of love and intelligence.

Ahonu: We'd love to hear your opinion. Connect with us and let us know what your own thinking is about fear in the body and in the spirit world. We'd love to know. Until next time, blessings from Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.

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