August 2023 Update
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August 2023 Update
August 1, 2023
This is Aingeal Rose's Tarot reading for August 2023. Every year on August 8, an astrological event called the Lion's Gate Portal “opens” in the sky. Astrologers consider this an opportune day for manifestation, or concentrating on what you want to make it a reality.
Aingeal Rose: Well, good morning. I'm recording this from Pinnacle Peak horse farm where our daughter's horse is. It's a beautiful morning in Phoenix. Finally, it's 88 degrees, and breezy, so it's nice to sit here with the windows open and talk to you. I pulled some cards for August, and I got very interesting cards. The first one I got is the Wheel Of Fortune, and this isn't the first time I've pulled this card when I've asked about this month. The Wheel Of Fortune is all about cycles. So what I'd get from that is we can expect more changes to be occurring this month.

And I also feel there'll be more knowledge uncovered, more truths to be revealed this month. Okay. And also, if you notice on this card, there's a little devil guy who's turning the wheel, and I think that means we need to pay attention to that because it kind of indicates that the powers that be might aggravate things for us. Okay. But it is a card of change, a card of cycles. It's a card of the wheels turning, and I pulled it upright. So it's actually in its wholeness. It's a positive card of change. Truth.

Truths to be revealed, changes. Watch how we might be manipulated by the powers that be this month, okay? The next card I pulled was the 7 of Pentacles, and the one word I can use for this card is evaluation. So this is the time to evaluate your finances, to evaluate your progress in life so far. Take stock of what you've created for yourself, and also make any changes that may need to be made. So it is a card of retrospection and evaluation. So take some time to do that this month with your life in general. Take some time to evaluate your life.

Okay. The next card I pulled was the 10 of Cups. And this tells me it's definitely time to spend more time with family. Visit those people that you've missed. Visit those family members or friends. This is a time to really appreciate your loving relationships and spend some time with them. It's the happiness card in that way. So once again, take that brief trip if you need to, to go visit family, share, and share your love with people.

Then I pulled 1 more just to see, and I pulled Temperance. Temperance is an interesting card because it is a card of tempering and balance, especially emotional balance. So it talks to us about weighing things in our lives, not overreacting, going with the flow, kind of mixing in, I guess. What do I wanna say about that card? I feel like it's telling us that all is all is being guided. I think we need to trust that. And I think if you notice the sun in the background is rising above a mountain, and I think it's telling us we can expect more influences from the sun this month. And it's all designed to activate us the way we need to be activated. So, go with the flow with it, and enjoy yourself.

That's it for August.