438: January '23 Assessment
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438: January '23 Assessment
January 28, 2023
Aingeal Rose makes an assessment of January 2023 https://youtu.be/Aj_vPDiUM34 via @YouTube @ahonu #Prediction #future #world #tarot #EndTimes
This is Aingeal Rose. I'm just doing a little update - I had Ahonu pull a card, and the intention was, what does January 2023 look like, and he pulled the Eight of Cups. Basically, it's saying there is an aura of love surrounding all events that are happening in the world.

We're going through some difficulty because we're climbing the mountain - the world is in climbing the mountain to a higher level, and in that process there can be difficulties and hardships, but the most important message is that we're being surrounded and supported by love, and eight is the number of success and attainment.

So, what we have to look forward to is that we need to keep our minds on where we're going as a species, as humanity, as a world, which, according to this, says you're climbing to a higher level.

It requires some introspection, perhaps going within more and seeing where we are in relation to things, but taking care of our own business in terms of our own evolution.

Interestingly, coinciding with the evolution theme, we had Penny Kelly on again in January to discuss evolution. (https://youtu.be/Q4Gbs9Kw4Sc) So that fits right into this card.

I think the most important thing is that no matter what's going on in the world and how difficult it seems to be, we are being guided by the love of the universe to take us to a higher place. Keep that in mind when you're moving through your life this year, and whatever's going on, remember it's for a higher purpose for us to go deeper within, know ourselves more, and achieve.

So take care and we'll check again in February. Thanks and blessings, Aingeal Rose