Give Up The Struggle!
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Give Up The Struggle!
June 24, 2023
When his brother called to announce his retirement at 66, Ahonu reflected on our incessant struggle for survival and happiness on Earth. #abandonment #givingup #hardship #hellonearth #pensionplan #prisonplanet #retirement #struggle #surrender #survival
So, my brother called me yesterday and he said, Hey, it's time to give up this struggle. I'm nearly 66, he said.

It struck me that all through my life, I've heard people say that in one way or another. And indeed, I've gone through a lot of it myself.

People struggle in relationships. People struggle with business, with money, with accumulating assets, wealth, struggle with rearing their children, struggle with education, learning, schooling, all kinds of struggle.

And he got me thinking as to why should it be such a struggle? We're in this wonderful world, really, when you look at it at that level.

This tree behind me, for example, sure, it may struggle for water up here in the high desert of Arizona, but nonetheless, it displays its best always. It's always, always doing its best, always, always looking its best, always looking to the sunshine, always looking to the optimistic, bright future.

It's about time we started doing the same thing and realizing what marvelous creatures we are and realizing what wonderful gift it is to be alive at all.

And so the message from the mountain today is, let's give up the struggle, even if it is just for today and then give it up again tomorrow.

But certainly look to give up the struggle and find the wonder and the beauty and the joy in just being here at all.

Blessings from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.