Dreams Are Only Dreams ('til they come true, my friend!)
World of Empowerment
Dreams Are Only Dreams ('til they come true, my friend!)
August 12, 2023
Recalling Penny Kelly’s Kundalini experience many years ago, Ahonu explores the truth or untruth of dreams and dreaming prompted by the old song, “Dreams Are Only Dreams, til they come true my friend!”
The Great Awakening: Exposing the Dreamlike State of Our Perceived Reality

Welcome back to World of Empowerment Radio! I'm your host Ahonu, and in this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of dreams and their significance. Many years ago, Penny Kelly shared her extraordinary experience of being conscious and aware of many levels in her dreams, leaving us stunned and questioning what we know about the nature of dreams. As we explore the power and importance of dreams, we confront the skepticism of mainstream psychologists and the reluctance to believe in the significance of dreams. We discuss the notion that dreams are not simply fabrications of our imagination, but rather hold profound truths and insights. Our conversation takes us on a journey where dreams are more than mere figments of our subconscious, but potentially gateways to awakening and a deeper understanding of reality. So sit back, open your minds, and join us on this captivating exploration of dreams in episode 470 of World of Empowerment, titled "Dreams Are Only Dreams."

🎙️ The Great Awakening: Exposing the Dreamlike State of Our Perceived Reality 🎙️

In this episode, titled "Dreams Are Only Dreams", Ahonu dives into the fascinating world of dreams and their hidden meanings.

👉 Key Takeaway 1: Dreams as a Gateway to Empowerment
Years ago, Penny Kelly shared her extraordinary experience of having a kundalini awakening, which granted her the ability to be consciously aware in her dreams. We explore her ability to navigate through multiple layers of dreams and the profound impact it had on her life. Dreams can indeed be a powerful tool for self-discovery and empowerment!

👉 Key Takeaway 2: Trusting Our Dreams, Despite Skepticism
We discuss the importance of trusting our own dreams, even when mainstream psychologists dismiss them as mere fantasies. Dreams, at their own level of reality, hold valuable insights and messages for us. It's time to honor and pay attention to these messages, as they could hold the keys to our personal growth and transformation.

👉 Key Takeaway 3: Awakening to a New Reality
We explore the concept that our current perception of reality may not be the ultimate truth. The idea that we might be living in a dream reality invites us to question the nature of our existence and consider the possibility of a "Great Awakening". Are we ready to step out of the dream and embrace a higher, truer reality?

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of World of Empowerment Radio to unravel the mysteries of dreams and join us on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/MBOukNAuXqk

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Here are some questions to ponder:

1. How did Penny Kelly's experience with her kundalini rising affect her dream abilities?
2. How does being aware of each level in a dream impact your dream experiences?
3. Why do you think mainstream psychologists often dismiss the significance of dreams? Do you agree or disagree with their perspective?
4. How does Penny's ability to trust and listen to her own dreams challenge the notion that dreams are merely fantasy or imagination?
5. Do you believe that dreams can offer insights and wisdom that we may not access in our waking lives? Share any personal experiences or examples that support your viewpoint.
6. What is the significance of the quote "dreams are only dreams till they come true"? How does it relate to our perception of reality and the power of manifestation?
7. How might our hesitation to believe or listen to others' dreams reflect a resistance to exploring alternate realities or expanding our own consciousness?
8. What are your thoughts on the idea that our current reality may be akin to a dream that we are deeply invested in and may not want to wake up from? How might this impact our ability to evolve and grow?
9. How does the idea of a "Great Awakening" resonate with you? Do you believe that humanity is in need of a collective awakening? Why or why not?
10. Reflecting on the concept that reality as we know it may not be the ultimate truth, how can we navigate this conundrum and seek a deeper understanding of our existence?