420: Believing In Death
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420: Believing In Death
September 24, 2022
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu ask vital questions of the Akashic Records about memories and death.
Great news. Aingeal Rose and I are moving to Sedona. Aingeal Rose is excited about that, because when we first met she talked me into visiting Sedona. That was a very exciting time with those marvelous red rocks drawing us into the vortexes. In time, we will ask questions in the Akashic Records about those vortexes, but right now, our study is about death.

The reason it’s coming up is that I am relaunching my book, which is about the death of my first son. And so all of this past life memory, not so much past life memories, but memories of his death were coming up for me in the rewriting and re-releasing of that book, which was originally called The Reincarnation of Columbus. I’ve turned it into three separate books because there’s three separate and distinct phases to the release of guilt and sadness and sorrow and trauma.

In going through those three new books now, these issues around death were coming up and the releasing of death and pain and trauma. The kinds of questions we’re going to be asking today are about death are: 

  1. What is the real purpose of death?
  2. Is it just something that we’ve made up?
  3. After we let go of 3D, where do we end up?
  4. What’s the next thing after that?
  5. Is there such a thing as our original self?
  6. Does our mission begin after death, or has it begun before?
  7. What’s the purpose of reliving memories?
  8. Does healing grief need the reliving of old memories?
Let me explain the context of this enquiry. When Ahonu was writing his book, I was right there with him as he was reading and reliving his experience with his son. I could feel all the emotions of it myself, and it affected me deeply, even though it’s been some years and I’ve known about this for a long time. But I was curious about death itself because I have always had an issue with death. I’ve never been able to understand it. So, I want to ask Source, what's the correct perspective about death? I mean, how should we be looking at it?

Because we’re in this time period of great cleansing right now, we’re really being asked to let our old 3D paradigm go. When you choose the higher dimension or the higher Earth, once you make that decision, which is to move into more love, I found I started having all these old memories surface for me. It seemed like that was part of the cleansing, like I had to relive the memories to get them out of my cells.

I want to ask Source about the necessity of that, because periodically we just recycle through memories, like Ahonu with his son. It seems we recycle through memories at odd times, reliving whole scenarios in our bodies. That shows it’s still in our cellular structure. That’s the reason we’re asking these questions today.

In saying the prayer to open the Akashic Records, I saw emerald green light showing the Earth is in a collective healing. I’m not looking at catastrophe, I’m looking at the emerald green ray of healing in the heart chakra being blessed upon the planet. I also saw how we frame things in our own minds. That’s why we are keen to find Source’s perspective on it as opposed to our own. It looked like we built up a framework, almost like a builder would build a house. From childhood we build our own framework of understanding of what death is, or maybe even from past lives, but certainly we build up an understanding of what we believe death is. By asking these questions of Source in the Akashic Records, we’re willing to tear down all those preconceived ideas that are built on false premises. We want to look afresh with clear eyes on what death actually is.

Ahonu: What is Source’s perspective on death?

AR: There is no death, there’s only eternal life. The fact we experience what we call bodily death is a mistaken perception. Death isn’t something dictated by Source as a natural part of life. It is a mistake to be corrected. There is no death on any level, yet we have the idea we go through a perception of an experience of death. Death is a condition in our minds. It’s a mistaken idea.

We perceive the body is dying, but death can’t touch life. It’s a mistaken belief that we put ourselves through because of our beliefs. When we understand we create all our experiences, we understand how powerful belief is. Jesus said faith can move mountains—that’s how powerful belief systems are. So, nothing is really going on.

There is only eternal life. We’ll do death as long as we think we believe in it. And we will do it as long as we think we’re connected to cycles and we believe we’re part of nature. These are the cyclic beliefs of nature. The correct perspective is death does nothing and life is eternal.

Ahonu: Are we moving to the 5th dimension, or is that just something we all made up?

AR: Source said we’re in belief systems of cycles, and going to another dimension is a cyclical belief. So, on one level, yes, we are moving to a higher dimension. It’s not calling it the fifth. We’re moving to a higher state of consciousness, but we’ve got it connected to cycles, which are belief systems we have about nature and the cosmos.

We move between dimensions all the time. We rise and fall in consciousness, and we fluctuate back and forth to what we call different dimensional spaces. Sometimes we’re in a high dimension and sometimes we’re in a low dimension. When we talk about the physical Earth ascending to a higher dimension, if the collective consciousness is there as a group, it will move this physical ball we’re on to a higher consciousness space, which becomes more stable.

Ahonu: Where do we end up after we let go of all our 3D stuff?

AR: We don’t end up in a place. We experience being freer, with greater ability to move, to create, to perceive. It’s an expansion of perception, which, after more awareness, becomes knowing. Once we let go of our limiting and suppressive belief systems of the third dimension, and forgive the guilt, judgment and trauma, we become free. We end up in a greater, more expansive consciousness of freedom. Consciousness expansion allows us to move into higher frequencies, which in themselves are expansive. We have greater mobility when we’re free of old dogmas.

Ahonu: Is there any such thing as our original self? Do we have an original self?

AR: Yes, we have an original self that is made in God’s image. Our original self is a beautiful being that follows the pattern of eternal life. Your original self has that within, still there, still intact. We haven’t lost it; we don’t have to go find it because it’s still within us. It’s just a matter of focusing our attention on it, clearing away the cobwebs that are in the way. Daily meditation can help us go within to enjoy our original selves.

Ahonu: Does our mission begin after death, or when?

AR: It doesn’t begin after we die. Our consciousness shifts from releasing the body, but we don’t have instant enlightenment. We still bring our belief systems with us in spirit. The more stuff we clear away while in the body, the greater clarity we bring into spirit. We get clearer on what we’re doing here, and this can also facilitate the process for other people. In that way, our mission begins once we remove all the cobwebs and debris from our consciousness. It is this debris that clouds our judgement, trips us up and keeps us limited. Once we clear those away, we’re back to our original pure self that knows who we are and what we’re here to do.

Ahonu: What is the purpose of reliving memories?

AR: Source is saying memory is an active part of the brain function. Old memories can come to the surface to be released, but it’s what you do with them that determines if you keep remembering them negatively. It’s an opportunity to release old imprints out of the cells, so, the best thing to do is let them cycle through, let the memories come, watch them as an observer, feel what they feel, forgive them, and then move on.

Ahonu: What if somebody had a loving, happy memory? Is that an opportunity to be released out of the cells in the same way?

AR: Well, yes. Positive memories can keep you bound to the past just as much as the negative memory. You want yourself pure and clean, with no attachment to the outcomes of perceptions. So, if they resurface, enjoy the memory, watch it, and when its charge fades, you’ll be moved on to the present moment. The most important thing, whether it’s positive or negative, is don’t judge it, don’t analyze it, and don’t have an emotional charge about it. Put yourself in the position of an observer. Let yourself watch it and feel it because it’s just energy cycling. If you are willing to just let it be without judgment, it’ll move on out.

You can look at those memories and ask, are you still reacting to them? Do they still have a charge for you, or has their emotional charge subsided? That’s how you know if you’ve let go. Healed memories won’t have a negative emotional charge.

Ahonu: Does healing grief need the reliving of those old memories?

AR: Source says yes, because it’s in there. If it’s still in there, you’re going to remember it. It’s just the way the body/mind works. If it’s in there and it’s got a charge, it’ll resurface and cycle around. Every time you re-look at it, though, you can watch whether you still have the emotional charge around it. You can tell if you’re healing it, if you have less of a charge. If you can watch it as an observer, as an event in your life with no judgment or blame, then you let it move through—then you’ll know you’ve healed it.

But this isn’t about getting rid of our memories. We don’t have to get rid of our memories. We just need to let them be a part of us, a part of our life experience. Let them cycle through. Watch your memories like a movie and let them go, seeing how you react. See what you’ve learned from them, and know how you were then is not how you are now.

The biggest problem is we get enmeshed in reactions, and reactions tell us where our consciousness is. So, watch how you react. You’ll know yourself better by how you’re reacting, whether you’ve got something balanced or you don’t. Don’t lie to yourself. Just watch and forgive yourself and others because energy is energy, and memories are energy.

It’s like when you meditate, and your mind comes up with all these thoughts, and they’re in the way, and you’re trying to get rid of them, when all you really have to do is let them flow through, and then, suddenly, they’re not there anymore.

Ahonu: That brings us to the end of our questions. Here is the summary of our session on death.

  1. On asking Source about death, Source said, what death?
  2. Death is a mistake to be corrected in our minds.
  3. We create all our experiences because belief is a powerful co-creator.
  4. Death can’t touch life.
  5. There is no judgment around death because life is eternal.
  6. We will do death as long as we believe in it.
  7. We are in belief systems of cycles, and the 5th dimension is a cyclical belief about nature and the cosmos.
  8. We move between dimensions all the time.
  9. After the 3rd dimension, we end up freer and with greater ability to co-create.
  10. Consciousness expansion allows for higher frequencies.
  11. We have an original self made in God’s image that follows the co-creation of eternal life.
  12. Our sole purpose began at the point of original creation.
  13. After death, consciousness is still consciousness.
  14. Reliving memories is part of our brain function.
  15. Painful or happy memories are connected to the opportunity to be released out of our cells.
  16. Memories are necessary because if they’re in your cells, the body/mind must release them.
  17. Watch your memories as an observer so they can be forgiven and healed.
  18. Our egos are enmeshed in reactions.
  19. Reactions are a measure of consciousness whether you’re healed or you’re not.
Thank you sincerely for being with us, and thanks to Aingeal Rose for down-stepping this information from the Akashic Records.