342: Help Is Here - Visualize Blue Light!
World of Empowerment
342: Help Is Here - Visualize Blue Light!
January 9, 2021
How can we be the best we can be in this great time of change? What is it that we can deliver to the world to help the most people in the most ways? Listen to find the answer.

You are very welcome to this, the first of our exploration as to how to be in the world. This is an ongoing flow from Source through consciousness in answer to our questions.

  1. How can we be the best we can be in this great time of change?
  2. What is it that Aingeal Rose & Ahonu can deliver to the world to help the most people in the most ways?

Ahonu: What we've been advised to do is to go into the Akashic Records, listen to the advice of Source and then turn that around to deliver it to you. So, this is what we've got in our first session. We asked what is it that Source wants us to know, to say or to do. And Aingeal Rose was very incisive in terms of what it is that she down-stepped from Source.

Aingeal Rose: Well, the first thing I got was a big hit of Royal Blue light and that Royal Blue light was actually the color of peace. And with that, I was immediately transported to a higher place. My whole consciousness just went to a different place. Source has asked us to do this for three days, to visualize being saturated with this Royal Blue light in our aura. Just visualize it morning, visualize it in the evening and do this for three days and then come back to the Akashic Records and see what's next.

Source said the color of humanity now is orange and red. That's very hot, very volatile. And this down-stepping is about God's peace, because the only way to go to a higher place is to BE that peace. Source is making it clear we don't know what that peace is, just like, we don't really know what Source's love is. So, It says, start filling your aura with Royal Blue light, (and there's some Emerald Green in it too, but that just comes with it, it seems), for three days and then come back.

Ahonu: But isn't that just so beautiful in its simplicity? I was expecting something different or something more complicated and the instruction is, visualize the Royal Blue and Emerald Green light all around you, inside, outside, up above, down below, front and back all around, and then extend that out into the world.

Aingeal Rose: Extend that color all over the world, almost like a blanket of peace all over the world, and do that for three days. And do a focused, concentrated effort to do it. This isn't just a fun little exercise to fill your aura. Sending this blanket of peace over the earth is leading us to become that. Each one of us is to become that peace, not that it's something outside of ourselves, but it's something that IS us. 

It’s a simple instruction to visualize Royal Blue morning and evening and saturate your aura with it, but with that came the question, will you do it? Will you do this simple exercise and not let your mind get in your way? Can you do this simple thing for me, and then come back to me in three days? That was the message.

Ahonu: Okay. There you have it. Until next time, blessings from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.