Aingeal Rose and Ahonu Share a Personal Message on their 17th Wedding Anniversary!
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Aingeal Rose and Ahonu Share a Personal Message on their 17th Wedding Anniversary!
February 24, 2024
On their 17th wedding anniversary, and on the occasion of their 500th podcast, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu broadcast a special message to the world. In this special episode, Aingeal Rose and Ahonu reflect on their 17 years of marriage and discuss the profound changes they've witnessed in the world during that time. They touch on the concept of the paradigm shift, the process of releasing old traumas and grief, and the importance of choosing the love paradigm. They also discuss the significance of empowerment, relationships, and the collective experience of the "great cleanse." Throughout the episode, they share insights, personal experiences, and practical advice for navigating these tumultuous times. Join us as we delve into the deep and profound topics that are shaping our lives and our world.
00:00 Focus on good amidst chaos, stay positive.
03:29 Feeling the old paradigm dying, choosing love.
09:17 Parents' influence on childhood beliefs and behaviors.
12:07 Addressing grief, death, and navigating life's path.
15:59 Recognize and reject different types of abuse.
18:13 Embrace the divine and nurture right relationships.
19:56 Embrace internal empowerment, grow within a community.
23:13 Choose love, bounce off your heart, discern.

Questions to ask yourself after listening:

1. How has the world changed in the 17 years of Aingeal Rose and Ahonu's marriage, and what are some key differences they observed?
2. In what ways do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu highlight the contrast between the chaos and beauty in the world today, and how do they encourage focusing on the positive aspects?
3. What does Aingeal Rose mean when she refers to the Earth as being in a paradigm split, and what impacts does this have on people's emotional experiences?
4. How does Aingeal Rose describe the process of leaving the old paradigm and choosing the love paradigm? What emotions and memories did this bring up for her?
5. How does Ahonu explain the concept of the great cleanse, and what effects does this have in people's lives and on a global scale?
6. Why does Aingeal Rose emphasize the importance of letting go of past burdens and finding forgiveness? How does she relate this to the physical and emotional well-being of individuals?
7. What does Aingeal Rose recommend for people experiencing uncertainty and instability as part of the great cleanse, and how does she advise handling and processing these emotions?
8. What insights do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu share about recognizing a twinship and the significance of saying "yes" to nurturing and loving relationships and experiences?
9. How do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu emphasize the importance of empowerment and sovereignty, both internally and within the community, and how do they encourage finding like-minded individuals for support and growth?
10. In what ways do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu offer guidance on navigating the changing world and staying on the path of the love paradigm, especially when faced with external chaos and negativity?