366: Grief - The Hidden Benefits!
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366: Grief - The Hidden Benefits!
June 26, 2021
Source says grief is an emotion that can reveal true freedom, a tool that ends cycles and begins new ones. Grief can be helped with a Voice Code Analysis.

In talking about grief, we found some striking realizations. All of us have been through grief of one kind or another in our lives, but most of us have shied away from it and not dealt with it in its fullness, as we’re going to find out.

Every week for the last while, we explored the subject of grief. We asked if grief was natural, if it’s just something horrible, and does it have any benefits at all? Surprisingly, Source gave us a lot of benefits to grief.

Source explained it was an emotion that can reveal true freedom. It was a tool that ends cycles and begins new ones for people. It’s a doorway, a portal to the heart, leading to heart opening. You get plunged right into deep emotion right away but you don’t stay there.

Source also told us, if you stay with it and not try to get rid of the grief and suppress the emotion when it comes up, it will lead you to such depths of feeling that it would actually lead you to new awakenings and new insights. It proves that life always leads you to more life, no matter what you’re going through. Any emotion is a portal to new life and new possibilities.

It intrigued us that Source said it was an ending of a cycle for a person. So, let’s say somebody passes away and you’re left behind, bereft. Source explained that it’s a doorway for both you and the deceased. But after you go through all the shock and anger and then the denial, you come to a gradual acceptance. It is then it can open a doorway for you to new possibilities.

Spirit will use these events to end a cycle and begin a new one, if you can only look at it that way. It’s all designed to expand you into more life, more opportunity to grow higher with yourself. But in that, it revealed that many of us don’t complete the cycle of grief, stopping the process because it’s so painful. We deny it, hide from it, bury it through medication or drugs, alcohol, and use any means just to never feel the pain and thus complete the process.

I asked my Tarot Cards (I used to read the cards), was there something in the grief process that I have not completed? I pulled the Moon card, which was rich with subconscious activity; it opened Pandora’s box for me, which wasn’t pleasant. But it revealed we are where we are because of things we haven’t completely processed or resolved.

There’s more to come in learning about the grief process at this level, but it coincided with our use of a software tool we’ve been using lately called Voice Code Analysis. It’s part of Quantum Healing Therapy where the device analyzes and processes over 1.5 billion bits of information in your voice. Apparently, the entire content of your subconscious mind and our emotional body is in our voices. The tagline on the device says, What’s in your Voice is in Your Life! So, by analyzing it and finding out what is knocking you off-balance or causing distortion within you, the software creates new frequencies that have five overlays which cancel out old programs and old trauma out of your subconscious mind, so that you can be more who you really are, your true self. Simple, really!

And this is what I saw today, just looking at the Moon card. I haven’t embraced the potential of myself. I realized all the places I haven’t gone in terms of the expansiveness that Source is talking about, stopping my process part of the way because I feared they would pull the rug from under me in the future.

This software is slowly canceling out issues for myself and Ahonu and we’re coming back to ourselves. We always knew you can’t experience a total shift until you clear out the old stuff. It’s a purification process. It runs deep, but we feel we’re finally on the road to some true healing.

If you’re interested in having a Voice Analysis session, go to AingealRose.com. There’s information there and a video that explains it all. When people see that video and realize the power and extent of it, they contact us, and straightaway book a 20-min time slot. It doesn’t take long to record a 20-second audio of your voice, but then you get a 24-min recording back that you listen to. That recording helps you deal and uncover and resolve a lot of these issues with little effort. It’s always a surprise when things come up that are embedded deep within your physical body and in your bones. We both testify to the power of these recordings. https://AingealRose.Com/voice.

Thanks for joining our discussion on grief and how Source explained the uses of grief in its potential to expand you, open you up, take you to new heights of spirituality and self-awareness - this, combined with our new Voice Code Analysis, will help you.