Why Would A Soul Incarnate Into An Abusive Family?
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Why Would A Soul Incarnate Into An Abusive Family?
June 17, 2023
In a group Akashic Records session in Dublin, Ireland in 2013, Aingeal Rose answers questions about conception, birth, young souls, and incarnation. She is asked, why would a soul incarnate into an abusive family? #abuse #abusive #akashicreading #akashicrecord #conception #incarnation #lovechild #souls
Ahonu: This excerpt is from a 2-hour group Akashic Record session questioning why babies come into abusive families. The question was, “Do babies know they’re being born into abusive families?”

There was a lot of fun being had in the group setting, but we recognize its seriousness. We’ve removed the personal stuff too and left the nuggets. While this excerpt is about abusive families, later questions were about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and the world that they’re being born into. Remember, we recorded this in 2013, but the information is just as valid now as it was then. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Aingeal Rose: It’s interesting when I was saying the prayer because I felt a group of beings come in and I felt this wonderful, beautiful, almost like fresh air. They were just showing me babies. I saw little chains that connect them all, little golden rings that connect all the babies.

And it felt that they brought almost like the breath of God, like a new breath of God into the planet. It was almost like saying, yeah, this is why we keep having babies because they’re... you know, they bring a breath of God to the planet.

Okay, who wants to start? Ahonu, do you want to start?

Ahonu: How much certainty is attached to the ability of a child to pick its parents? What I mean specifically by that is, a spirit of a baby is hovering around and saying, I have spotted the parent staring at me. There they are. They’re in Kimmage, Dublin 12, and I’m watching them and they’re at it, and I’m about to... Now, what I want to know... has that spirit baby, earmarked, that family? Does it say, if I incarnate into that family, I’m going to get these particular lessons or, I’m going to encounter these particular issues that I need to resolve myself, or I have, let’s say, karmic issues with them, so I’m coming to fix them, or whatever.

Now, let’s say then that couple hated each other in that moment, and she ran off, and he went off the other direction, or the husband came home, and the guy climbed out the window and down the drain. But let’s say it didn’t happen, right? The conception didn’t happen. So, is it the case that spirit baby then would go to China and say, I see a tiny mom; I see her?

Aingeal Rose: Yeah. It has to wait. So, what is the actual question?

Ahonu: How predetermined is it? The population has doubled in the last 30 years, so there’s probably plenty of choice, really.

Aingeal Rose: What I am seeing happen is that the soul knows before it’s going to be born who his parents are and the parents know as well. I feel like that’s a contract that’s made well before the parents are born and before the child is born. I feel like they all know each other.

As you’re talking about it, what they keep saying to me is each soul knows the other soul. They all know each other. It isn’t random like that. It’s actually planned well ahead, and it’s planned from the other side who your parents are going to be, and what your soul contracts are going to be together, and what the best-case scenario is.

Ahonu: I see.

Aingeal Rose: There’s a sense of inevitability around it, too, that if a mother finds herself pregnant, even though she may not want it, it’s still an inevitability. It’s all been prearranged.

Ahonu: Even if it’s an abusive household?

Aingeal Rose: Yeah, I’ll ask that in a second about abuse. But contracts can be changed, too, but what they are telling me, though, is it really is mapped out from the other side.

But then whatever... Anybody can change their mind about a contract anytime that they want to. That would be a case where maybe a conception would not happen. Or let’s say the mother gets an abortion, changes her mind. You can change your mind.

But what they are saying is that it isn’t an accident. The souls know each other before they come in.

Now, about kids coming into an abusive house. I’m not feeling that they want to be abused. 

But the child is actually, believe it or not, the stronger soul. I feel like the child is actually coming in to be a facilitator for the potential for healing for the parent who’s doing the abuse.

I feel like they’re saying most often, so I’m going to give it a 90%, I think there may be some cases where interesting karma is going on. But most often, the child is actually there to provide some type of healing energy to the situation.

That child is actually a stronger soul because it’s putting itself in a situation where it knows it’s going to be hurt. But a soul would only choose that if it was a powerful soul and if it could actually hold a particular energy hoping it can be the instigator of healing.

They’re actually saying that the abuser could be rehabilitated in some way. Now, it’s interesting because what they’re saying is that even if the abusive parent doesn’t change. They don’t stop abusing, that innocent energy or that stronger soul energy was actually present in the family.

There are multiple reasons like that soul can come in also to create a type of link with other siblings as well. So, it is donating a certain type of energy to the abuser that, even if the abuser can’t get it in that life; it offers a certain type of frequency to their energy field.

We had this discussion when people would learn to send absent Reiki to the higher self and it can hang out in their fields until they’re ready to accept it.

It may not be this life. I feel like that child is coming there to facilitate a type of healing or to offer or donate. They would have to be a powerful soul to even be willing to do that.

And it’s interesting that most of the souls that do that are angelic, so they have a purity about them that, on the one hand, you’d say that makes them more vulnerable, but actually, no, it’s the reason they’re stronger. Do you understand?

Unfortunately, though, because we forget when we come here that a child obviously is asleep, they don’t actually have the memory of the contract, but I feel like they are actually providing some type of energy to the soul, even if the soul can’t use it, that life, or maybe not even to other lives.

The other type is that there are children who come in who have trauma to work through with certain individuals. So in those cases, you’d probably need to read their individual records to see what the relationship is, but it feels to me it would always be some unresolved life that they’ve had. Those seem to be the two main situations. 

We have to remember that love is always the origin. Love is always the underlying reason for any incarnation between souls. Even though a soul can go through a very terrible experience, it knows before it arrives what it’s doing, even though we don’t see it. 

Children that come in and out of the effect of abusive people, sometimes it’s even a contract to change the law. Sometimes they’ll put themselves in an abusive environment in order to have it be discovered and publicized. It seems like they know what they’re doing from a high level, even though they forget when they’re here. 

Ahonu: But in that forgetting when they’re here, that same child might go through huge adult traumas and memories and difficulties, and because of that, does it know also that price it has to pay?

Aingeal Rose: Well, it does. They’re saying to remember that souls aren’t babies. You know what I mean? Even if they come in as a baby, a soul really isn’t a baby. What happens, and it’s an unfortunate thing, they’re showing it to me on two levels. On the one level, when you come here and you forget, yes, it looks very tragic. And the soul who has donated themselves for that purpose obviously doesn’t remember they did and consequently can feel very damaged by it.

But still when they return home, their mentors are saying, Well done, good job. It wasn’t as hard as you thought. There’s that bigger picture still. Because we don’t have all the information, we only see things from one level. It’s unfortunate that there are souls that are so tormented. Any abuser is a tormented soul. You’d have to know their past life history as well to understand how they got to the point they’re at.

But still in God’s creation, God loves the tormentor as much because God just wants everyone to return home and to know that they’re loved, and that goes for everybody. We play difficult roles and it’s unfortunate that souls are that way where you have to play those drastic roles.

Ahonu: We hope you enjoyed that. It was a look into our personal group Akashic Record Meetings, which we have now begun again after the great pandemic and we’re resuming them again. Look to our website to find the calendar for when these group Akashic Records happen, and they are happening far more frequently now than they have done for the last couple of years.

Aingeal Rose: Yes, and we’re no longer in Kimmage, Ireland now which is where that recording was from. I hope this might spark some interesting conversation amongst people. Please leave a comment below.