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340: Understanding Twin Flame Relationships

July 25, 2020

Twin Flames are emerging in today's relationships but many have difficulty coping. In this group Akashic Records session, we address Twin Flame relationship problems and solutions and more. Here is your chance to ask questions and receive answers about Twin Flame relationships through the medium of the Akashic Records.

  • Who and What Are They?
  • How Did They Originate?
  • What Is Their Purpose?

All questions are addressed by Source directly through the Akashic Records. You will gain an understanding of Twin Flames and the differences between Twin Flames and Soul Mates.


Here are examples of questions that were asked:  

  • How do Twin Flames relate to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine?
  • Why are so many Twin Flames coming together now?
  • What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Soul Mate?

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We hope you'll join us.

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