390: Ahonu Admits 3 Mistakes
World of Empowerment
390: Ahonu Admits 3 Mistakes
February 26, 2022
Ahonu admits 3 major mistakes he made while offer free help to his World of Empowerment community!

I made three mistakes. I wanted to offer ten-minute slots for free consultation with me so that I could help people with my experience and my expertise.

The first mistake was, in my desire to help others, I sent out an email that had the word 'free' in the subject line, which, of course, we all know (and I should have known) is a no-no. It got flagged by the search engines and went straight into spam.

The second mistake was I should have checked with the people around me before I sent it because I didn't realize I was getting myself into trouble. Well, every ten-minute slot filled for the whole day - in ten minutes! I couldn't believe it.

Neither could I believe the trouble and the difficulty people were in that needed my help. That was a shocker to me. I realized that I was not able to help everybody in the ten minutes allocation that I gave to them, and that it's going to involve a lot more than what I had anticipated.

The third mistake was in realizing I could have done everything a lot better, a lot different, a lot more efficiently, and a lot more effectively.

All day I had that horrible feeling when you do something wrong, or when you make a mistake. That feeling was deep inside me all day and I didn't know what to do about it. So, I asked the mountain, and the mountain said, well, think about 'mistake'. Did you 'miss-take' something, or did you take something and missed?

Either way, it was a realization that my gallant effort wasn't as effective as it could have been, but it wasn't the end of the world - it can always be taken again. Okay, you shoot an arrow at a target, you miss the first time, that was your 'mistake', and you take it again.

Like in the movies, they take one, take two, take ten, take 40, take 100. So, I too, will take it again, and in that way feel much better and help more people. That was a great life lesson - mistakes are just that - they're just mis-takes. Take it again, and that's what I will be doing!

I'm grateful for your patience and understanding with me, and I'm sorry that so many were disappointed because all of those slots were taken so quickly. But there will be another take, and it will be more effective, more efficient with better collaboration. The next take will not miss.

What was perceived initially as something that was wrong, and was eating away at me, has now turned into an opportunity to help you better and more effectively. So, thank you for your patience. I love you and I look forward to serving you.