389: How To Awaken
World of Empowerment
389: How To Awaken
February 19, 2022
Few of us can awaken and be spiritually aware with knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration, but others can. Here’s how to do it.

Few of us can awaken and be spiritually aware with knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration, but others can. Here's how to do it.

I am Ahonu. Aingeal Rose and I, for many, many years recorded podcasts which we started in  2009. We began around 2012 when you had this whole Mayan calendar thing going on. We were answering a lot of questions online for people who were confused at that time.

Now, that's over ten years ago and here we are still answering the same questions, and that's okay, because it's a whole new batch of people and we've awakened in our own awareness. So, this morning, the whole idea of awakening came up. The reason it came up was because we were listening back to some of our old recordings to see which one would be most suitable to put into our new World of Empowerment.

The one we listened to last night was all about dreams.

One of the questions asked was, ”If your dream was interrupted by somebody and you awoke pretty quickly, what actually happens?“ The entire discussion revolved around what happens to the body when it awakens most mornings for most people. We found of course, that the eyes open, light comes into the body, hormones start flowing, the blood starts pumping, muscles get flexed and stretched and so on. Life, as it were, comes into the mind-body system. Some people can awaken very quickly, but for others It  takes a little bit of time.

They'll sit bolt upright in the bed and boom, they're awake! And speaking metaphysically, that's similar to the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree and becoming enlightened. En-light-ened. Light has come in. For others, it takes that cup of coffee in the morning. You sometimes hear people say, "I'm not awake until I get my first cup of Joe. It's why the likes of Starbucks and coffee shops make a fortune from people lining up there in the mornings to get their cup of coffee because they believe that's what it takes to awaken.

So, no matter if it's an outside stimulus or an inside stimulus, there's a physical, emotional and spiritual change that takes place to move from the physical sleep into the awakened state. Now, let's move into the awakened state of the spiritual. I believe that it involves the same or similar kind of change. Why do I say that? Because, few enough of us can just wake and be spiritually aware with knowledge, wisdom and divine inspiration.

Some people do, of course. But for those of us who need that spiritual cup of Joe, to wake up to the new World of Empowerment and the new world of enlightenment, there can be a period  or ‘process’ of awakening. There can be physical, mental  and emotional changes that need to take place, and  so on. This includes letting go of old ideas and patterns, letting go of the past and going through forgiveness processes.    So, if you're not awakened yet, don't lash yourself over the back with the proverbial whip. Don't beat yourself up because it could be that you're in that process of awakening. It just takes time. Some people lounge around in bed for a little while. They enjoy the stretch, the comfort of the warmth knowing that shortly they're going to have to put their feet out on the cold ground and get dressed or whatever they're going to do for the day. That could be the case with you and me and many, many people.

Maybe we do need to put our feet out on the ground. Maybe we do need to open our eyes and allow the Sun to come in through the pineal gland and come down through our body and enter into our physical system to wake us up. Maybe that's what has to happen spiritually. So let's go easy with ourselves today. Let's awaken slowly. Enjoy your day.