BellRock Is Activated: Ahonu Explores The Mystical Energies in Sedona
World of Empowerment
BellRock Is Activated: Ahonu Explores The Mystical Energies in Sedona
December 2, 2023
🎙️ In this episode of our World of Empowerment Podcast, Ahonu shares a captivating experience at BellRock in Sedona, Arizona. The energy there has been activated, and the unfolding events are interesting to say the least! 🌍 Sacred sites around the world, such as pyramids and Stonehenge, are being activated by human consciousness, leading to perceived energetic shifts. - Grounding into the Earth can provide deep insights and understanding, challenging preconceived notions and bringing about unexpected realizations. - The activation of powerful energy centers is a collective endeavor, reminding us that we are all interconnected and contributing to a global awakening. Join the World of Empowerment at and experience the energy of BellRock through Ahonu's perspective. Don't miss an episode - hit the subscribe button now, and join us on our journey of empowerment and spiritual growth! #Podcast #Empowerment #Spirituality #BellRock #Sedona
In this episode, Ahonu reports on a powerful and unusual experience at BellRock in Sedona, Arizona. He describes feeling a strong, dizzying energy that seems connected to a possible activation of the site. As he explores the sensation of grounding himself, he has profound realizations about the nature of spirituality and the role of human consciousness in activating sacred places. He also reflects on the interconnectedness of all beings in the awakening process. Ahonu's journey offers a unique perspective on the activation of sacred sites and the collective role in this spiritual phenomenon. Subscribe for more thought-provoking explorations of spirituality and the power of human consciousness.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. How did Ahonu describe the energy he felt from BellRock and what do you think it signifies?
2. Discuss Ahonu's experience with grounding himself at BellRock and the insights he gained. Do you think grounding is solely a 3D experience or does it have spiritual significance as well?
3. How did Ahonu's expectations before visiting BellRock compare to his actual experience there? Have you ever had similar experiences with expectations and reality?
4. Ahonu mentioned the activation of sacred sites around the world. What are your thoughts on the idea that human consciousness can activate these places?
5. How does Ahonu's realization about being a part of the activation of BellRock tie into the concept of collective awakening and human interconnectedness?
6. What do you make of Ahonu's experience of feeling the energy specifically from BellRock itself, as opposed to the other nearby locations? What could this indicate?
7. How do you interpret Ahonu's statement that "it's not from them, it's actually from this particular location itself"? What do you think sets BellRock apart from other natural landmarks?
8. Do you believe that individuals can contribute to the activation of sacred sites, or is it solely driven by collective human consciousness, as Ahonu suggested?
9. Share your thoughts on the significance of human beings being "all in it together" in the awakening process, as described by Ahonu. How does this idea resonate with you?
10. How can Ahonu's experience at BellRock be applied to our own spiritual and personal journeys?