Cosmic Origins, Spiritual Progress, and Planetary Evolution: a group Akashic Records session with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
World of Empowerment
Cosmic Origins, Spiritual Progress, and Planetary Evolution: a group Akashic Records session with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
January 27, 2024
In this group Akashic Records session from May 2023, Aingeal Rose answers questions about abortion, collective karma, colonization of Mars, gender identity, human trafficking, Inner Earth, missing children, the Quantum Financial System, spontaneous healing, whales and dolphins, and more!
Welcome to another episode of the World of Empowerment Video Podcast! In this episode, Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are joined by guests who ask questions of the Akashic Records, from exploring civilizations in dimensions beyond our own and accessing inner knowledge to delving into profound concepts like the nature of gravity and the purpose of being on Earth. This episode offers deep insights and spiritual perspectives. The conversation also shines a light on pressing global concerns such as the welfare of whales and dolphins, the issue of missing children in parks, and the state of the world with its potential upheaval and global unification. Through the lens of the group Akashic Record Sessions, we seek answers from Source on significant questions about the world, the 5th dimension, and the opinion on abortion. Join us as we explore these thought-provoking and enlightening discussions as we are taken on a journey through the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and the potential future of humanity.

00:00 Gleaning profound knowledge from the Akashic records.
04:50 Universe has hundreds of dimensions, our low level.
09:55 Some felt a shift to the 5th dimension.
11:31 Soul's arrival in fetus and abortion implications.
14:17 Soul chooses body, can wait before entering.
17:47 Some linger due to fear or attachment.
21:26 Many beings come to teach in different dimensions.
25:31 Spontaneous healing comes from knowing you're love.
28:43 Soul identity and self-acceptance over physical change.
32:43 Various ET races, including Pleiadians and Grays, reside underground.
34:59 Egyptians caught underground, some never made it.
37:57 Gravity is collective karma binding us to Earth.
39:36 Water poisoning from factories, evolution of dolphins.
44:30 Existence in multiple dimensions, life is conscious.
43:50 World's conflicts, healing, love, gender, future innovations.
47:15 Subterranean beings, abductions, pollution, trafficking, awareness.

Questions to ask yourself after watching or listening:
1. How does Aingeal Rose's experience in the tunnel of light searching for Source, finding billions of eyes, and the concept of Source being composed of billions of eyes challenge traditional perceptions of spirituality and the divine?
2. How do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu's descriptions of the 5th dimension as a level among hundreds and seeing several eyes in the 5th dimension expand our understanding of different dimensions and their inhabitants?
3. What are the implications of Source's response regarding the entry of a soul into a fetus and its stance on abortion as not registering at its level but emphasizing the honoring of all life as sacred?
4. What is the role of "bleed through" as described by Aingeal Rose in relation to the concept of having both sexes within us and its influence on spiritual growth and identity confusion?
5. How does Aingeal Rose's emphasis on the importance of going within, understanding inner selves, and not physically changing one's sexuality in the context of the soul's pre-birth plan challenge common beliefs about gender identity and spiritual growth?
6. What are the potential implications of Source's support for exploring the universe and the discussion about the potential colonization of Mars, considering Aingeal Rose's perspective on the unlikely occurrence of colonization in her lifetime?
7. How does the discussion about various beings living on Earth, including ancient civilizations, Pleiadians, Grays, and underground cities, challenge conventional views of history and the potential diversity of life on our planet?
8. What are the implications of Aingeal Rose's response that the inner Earth beings will not come up to help with humanity's evolutionary process, within the greater context of human and non-human interaction and assistance in our evolutionary journey?
9. In what ways does the conversation about accessing the Akashic Records sessions and how they address concerns about world events extend our understanding of tapping into ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom?
10. How do Aingeal Rose and Ahonu's insights on the volatility and unrest in the world, the financial system, and the concept of spontaneous healing contribute to our understanding of humanity's current state and potential avenues for growth and transformation?