How To Experience Your Multidimensional Selves
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How To Experience Your Multidimensional Selves
November 11, 2023
How To Experience Your Multidimensional Selves: Teon Lucas reveals a unique manifestation techniques beyond the traditional Law of Attraction! You can also watch this episode on YouTube: In this episode, we delve into the intriguing world of multidimensional manifesting techniques with special guest Teon Lucas. Join us as we share our experiences practicing Teon Lucas's unique approach to accessing different levels of ourselves - the causal, the higher astral, and the physical. Discover how his techniques offer a fresh perspective on manifesting and understanding the world beyond the hologram and the matrix. Stay tuned as we introduce you to Teon Lucas and explore the fascinating insights shared during this engaging interview.
Teon Lucas is a self-taught individual who had a profound realization while reading The Magical Approach in the mid-90s. This realization led him to understand that he had the power to choose what he participated in and to wean himself entirely from Western medicine. Inspired by the idea of organizing his world in a different way, he delved into the concept of channeling information from somewhere else and reaching knowledge and wisdom with consciousness. This experience has shaped his unique perspective on life and continues to inspire his personal and professional pursuits.

Introduction to Multidimensionals and Accessing Them
- Teon Lucas introduced the concept of multidimensionals and how to access them
- Aengel Rose and Ahanu shared their experiences with Lucas and the practice they did with their healing group
- Lucas teaches techniques to manifest from different levels of oneself, including the causal, the higher astral, and the physical
- Explanation of how these levels of oneself have different energy and function
- Different approach to manifesting compared to teachings of the law of attraction and other manifesting techniques

Techniques Taught by Teon Lucas
- Unique techniques taught by Lucas that differ from traditional manifesting techniques
- Techniques involve manifesting into the 3D world and dispensing with belief in the hologram and matrix
- Techniques provide understanding from a physical perspective while allowing exploration beyond the traditional concepts

Implications and Application of Lucas' Techniques
- The practices and techniques taught by Teon Lucas are suggested for application by the hosts and are encouraged for listeners
- The experiences gained from these practices are described as impactful and beneficial, leading to the collapse of the traditional matrix and expansion into new experiences
- Introduction to the idea that the techniques will prepare individuals for what is coming in the future

Conclusion and Encouragement for Further Exploration
- Encouragement for listeners to practice and implement the techniques taught by Teon Lucas
- Discussion on how the experiences will stand to benefit listeners and enable them to navigate the upcoming changes with ease