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336: Navigating The Dimensional Split

November 23, 2019

Navigating The Dimensional Split is a Coaching program founded on the Akashic Records realizations down-stepped by Aingeal Rose. ( She presents this coaching in response to the growing numbers of requests for advice and support from students and clients who are having difficulty dealing with the issues the current dimensional split raises during these times.

This is vital new techniques and cutting edge group coaching from Aingeal Rose comprised of 6-months of twice-monthly 90-min online meetups to help you navigate the dimensional split. This is a high-frequency service encompassing techniques, meditations and cutting edge group coaching from Aingeal Rose.

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  1. 2 x 90-minute group coaching sessions per month
  2. The entire program will last for 6 months
  3. Personal attention guiding you through this global splitting process
  4. Lifetime access to video replays for every session
  5. In this program you will learn and experience:
  6. What is going on
  7. Why this is different than any other time period
  8. What the symptoms of the Split are personally and collectively
  9. What your place is in this process
  10. How to move from the death dream to the eternal life dream
  11. How to truly forgive the old world
  12. How to release the belief in guilt, sin and punishment
  13. How to be a co-creator of the New Earth
  14. How to move from the unhappy dream to the happy dream
  15. How to experience true and lasting freedom and happiness
  16. How to live in the reality of pure love
  17. How to be in the flow of the all good on every level

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