The Power of Non-Judgment: Embracing Compassion and Understanding in Everyday Life
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The Power of Non-Judgment: Embracing Compassion and Understanding in Everyday Life
September 9, 2023
Ahonu reflects on his childhood religious upbringing, sharing how the teachings of Judgment Day influenced his life. Now, he ponders the constant judgments we make, endeavoring to rid himself of such judgments, inviting listeners to join him on this path of self-awareness.
Many years ago, when I was a child, I was an altar boy, and I remember being so indoctrinated into Christianity and the Catholic belief system that I was in total fear of Judgment Day. Judgment Day, to me, was the worst possible outcome for anybody. Now I believe every day is Judgment Day.

Why am I saying that? I'm saying it because every moment we're judging. When we're out on the street, we're judging what this person is and what that person isn't, and what they look like and what they don't look like, what job they work at, what they're wearing, etc. And if danger appears in any form, we make judgments. Now, a lot of that, I accept, is survival, and I've no problem with that, because as we know, if a bus is coming down the street at you, you are going to make a judgment to get out of the way. Or indeed, if that elephant is charging towards you, you're going to make a judgment and get out of the way.

I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about sometimes petty little judgments that we make all the time, every day. And in the religious sense, when we hear about Judgment Day, that you will be judged on your thoughts and your actions. Perhaps it is the accumulation of all those judgments that we've made that come back to us. Is that possible? 

Should we be even making these kinds of judgments at all? Can we walk a mile in somebody else's shoes? Do we have the authority, do we have the knowing? Do we have the insight to make judgments about others without having walked that mile in their shoes?

That's why I think every day is Judgment Day, and I'm sincerely trying now to stay away from making those kinds of judgments about anybody or anything. Indeed, in some circles, (and I think this may come from "A Course In Miracles") where the author realized I know nothing about anything because anything I think I know is a judgment. So let's ruminate on that for a little while.

I hope you enjoyed that. You can see the similarities and you can see why it's a recurring theme and why I certainly have to work on it. I believe a lot of the world needs to work on removing these judgments from our thinking, too!

1. Have you ever experienced or witnessed judgments being made on a daily basis? How do you feel about it?
2. How do you differentiate between necessary judgments for survival and petty judgments in daily life? Can you give examples?
3. What impact do you think constant judgment can have on individual well-being and relationships?
4. In your opinion, is it possible to completely refrain from making any judgments about others? Why or why not?
5. How does the concept of Judgment Day relate to your own beliefs or upbringing?
6. Do you agree with the idea that our accumulated judgments come back to us? Why or why not?
7. Have you ever caught yourself being judgmental and regretted it? How did it make you feel, and did you try to change your mindset afterward?
8. How do you think practicing empathy and understanding can help reduce judgment in our thoughts and actions?
9. Are there any specific practices or techniques you employ to cultivate non-judgment in your own life?
10. Do you think it is important for society as a whole to work on removing judgments from our thinking? If so, how do you think this could be achieved?