Love: Breaking Free from the Chains of Judgment and Guilt
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Love: Breaking Free from the Chains of Judgment and Guilt
September 23, 2023
Love: Breaking Free from the Chains of Judgment and Guilt
What is love? Listen to find out. Many people asked that question, so several years ago Aingeal Rose & Ahonu did a group Akashic Record session in Ireland where that was the predominant question. Listen to Aingeal Rose's answer down-stepped from God/Source directly through the Akashic Records, then answer the following questions.

1. How would you define love based on the information shared in this episode?
2. Do you agree with the statement that love is the field of all expression? Why or why not?
3. How does the concept of love being free because there's no judgment resonate with you?
4. What is your understanding of the relationship between love and fear based on the episode?
5. How does the idea that love allows the expression of everything, but doesn't have an opposite, challenge your beliefs about polarities in the universe?
6. Why do you think labeling things or putting them into categories can hinder our experience of love?
7. What is your perspective on forgiveness, as described in the episode? Do you agree that forgiveness is the realization that you can't judge in the first place?
8. Why do you think we often have difficulty loving ourselves, according to the episode? How can we overcome this challenge?
9. How does the example of extending a hand in kindness, expecting nothing in return, resonate with you? Can you think of any real-life examples from your own experience?
10. Do you believe in the power of love to overcome fear and negativity? How can we tap into the field of love to create a more loving and compassionate world?