391: It’s Time To Reunite
World of Empowerment
391: It’s Time To Reunite
March 5, 2022
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have created a monthly program to focus on the process of splitting from the old paradigm and moving into the new world of empowerment, the eternal love paradigm.

This is Aingeal Rose coming to you from Prescott, Arizona. I'm here with my beloved Ahonu. I've been incognito because, as some of you know, I wasn't well for a while.

I had an experience in 2019 that put me over the edge a little. I experienced the split we're all going through right now. Source clearly showed me that we needed to choose which dimension we want to live in because the Earth was going through a split. Notice I said a 'split' and not a 'shift'. I was experiencing a break between two paradigms. One was the old paradigm we've been living in for thousands of years, and the other is the new world of love and harmony (what we're calling the World of Empowerment), and we're being asked to choose. So, upon choosing the eternal life paradigm at that time, I started to go through the process.

What was the process, and what did I experience? Well, it started with memories coming up from my subconscious. They were memories of all sorts of experiences, some happy things, some sad, along with current and past life events. They were all playing out again in detail.

I realized the process of shifting over from one dimension to the other is quite complex and involved. So, fast forward to 2022 and we find other teachers are talking about the paradigm split. This is universal information that is being received by many others across the globe at this time. Many people have told us they want to feel more connected to their higher selves. They want to be more psychic. They want to know how to connect to themselves. They ask, how do I get deeper?

So, we've decided to create a monthly program to focus on the whole process of splitting from the old paradigm and moving into the new. This is quite a comprehensive process. Every meetup will be different. Every time we meet will encompass diverse, interesting, engaging issues. One meeting might be an Akashic Records group session with Source to get a state of what the world is going through, another episode might be an intimate discussion about what each one of you is going through with the split, how you're experiencing it. Another time we might do an advanced Tarot spread to look deeply into yourself. One session may have us read and discuss a chapter from a book. Other days we might have a tarot hour where you can just ask a personal question. Next, we may do a quantum jump into Paradise Earth.

No matter what form it takes, it requires a lot of letting go, a lot of releasing, and a lot of forgiving. It's going to be varied and diverse, but most of all, it will be guided by Spirit - and a lot of fun!

So, I'm back because it's necessary at this time. I'm back because we've had so many people call who are confused, or are struggling with finances, or relationships, or psychic attach. Not only that, the energies coming in from the Cosmos are strong and people are going through different physical symptoms as a result of that. We're going to discuss it all. We're going to get clear. We're going to get closer to ourselves. We're going to get into a relationship with each other and, we're going through this together. 

This will be an online video event. The registration page is on https://WorldofEmpowerment.com.

We look forward to seeing you. Blessing and love from myself Aingeal Rose and my beloved Ahonu.