419: The Soviet Union Sucked!
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419: The Soviet Union Sucked!
September 17, 2022
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu got an email from the owner and creator of Dashnex, Peter Garety. It was his timely message with the subject line "The Soviet Union Sucked" that intrigued us. #sovietunion #ussr #russia #goalsetting #manifesting
Aingeal Rose & I got an email from Peter Garety. Peter is the owner and creator of Dashnex.
It was his timely message with the subject line "The Soviet Union Sucked" that intrigued us. Here's what he said:
"For the first 10 years of my life, I lived in the Soviet Union. There was nothing good about it except this one thing: people were not talking BS.
You were forced to always be responsible for what you say, and it has been ingrained in me ever since.
In fact, my father instilled it in me to a fault that I'm almost incapable of blaming others or situations. Instead, I can look at any situation in my life and trace it back to a point (sometimes 6 levels deep) where I made a decision or did something that makes me responsible for it.
This is why I never do wishful thinking.
I just set a goal and ask myself: who do I need to become, and what must I do to accomplish it?
That's how I operate.
Of course, I get setbacks just like anyone else. Sometimes they put me on a serious back foot - one of the recent was in October of 2020.
But I never lose sight of my ultimate goal - where I want to be and how I want to live.
Today you have an opportunity to stop wishful thinking and achieve the goal you set for yourself."
You can find Peter's products and services at https://dnpinvite.com/023d4a58. Dashnex is a web service where you can launch a local delivery or dropshipping store, sell services, event tickets or digital products, create websites or sales funnels. There is no limitation of what you can build.
The timing of his email was important for us because our world is filled with fear (and bullshit) right now. We believe we are co-creators and so, if we live in fear and we believe the BS, we create more of the same. It is time for us to know we have the power to manifest a loving future for ourselves and our children instead of one based on bullshit and fear. Let's do what Peter Garety suggests, and stop wishful thinking and manifest the goal of all life - happiness and love for ourselves, all our families, all humanity, and all life everywhere.
Blessings and bye from myself Ahonu & from Aingeal Rose