Forgiveness & Healing, Micronovas, Reincarnation, and The Future
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Forgiveness & Healing, Micronovas, Reincarnation, and The Future
February 3, 2024
In this group Akashic Records session from June 2023, Aingeal Rose answers questions about the shift to 5D consciousness, the power of forgiveness, and the impact of Jesus’ DNA on humanity. They dive into thought-provoking discussions about birth numbers, the coexistence of evolved and less evolved individuals in a 5D mentality, the purpose of learning from past lives, effective healing modalities, and the challenges of forgiveness and healing in the face of hard truths. The episode also delves into Earth's changes, predictions for potential future events, the concept of "father" according to Source, and an intriguing interpretation of Noah's flood.
00:00 Direct communication with Source through Akashic Records.
05:06 Unity consciousness connects people, shifting perceptions.
08:17 Experiencing magical shift into 5D energy.
11:17 Earthly purpose requires forgetting past lives' burdens.
16:31 Outer reality is mind-created illusion, change beliefs.
19:46 Sun holding off solar burst, purification.
20:46 Dinosaurs, volcanoes, and massive changes ahead.
26:55 Earth changes like waves, repeating environmental impacts.
30:20 Living multiple lives, fulfilling soul connections, guidance.
31:25 Earthly life is a tiny part of infinity.
35:25 Increased awareness reveals challenge in forgiveness, healing.
39:03 Jesus gave DNA to humanity, significant implications.
42:20 Implications of fatherhood and sperm donation questions.
44:19 Aingeal Rose discusses the power of the mind, forgiveness, and upcoming challenges.

Questions to ask yourself after listening:

  1. How does the concept of raising frequency and shifting to 5D consciousness relate to personal growth and spiritual advancement?
  2. In what ways is forgiveness tied to raising one's frequency, according to the discussion on Jesus' bloodline and DNA?
  3. Can you discuss the implications of living with both evolved and less evolved individuals in the context of the 5D shift in consciousness?
  4. How does Aingeal Rose explain the purpose of learning from past lives if the knowledge is forgotten in the current lifetime?
  5. What are the most effective healing methods for those who have been devastated and bereaved, and how does mental transference play a role in healing?
  6. How does the discussion on Earth being a dense and challenging place tie into the concept of mastery and learning from experiences?
  7. What are the predictions and potential future events mentioned in the episode, and what role do cosmic cycles play in the future?
  8. In what way is the definition of "father" according to Source interpreted, and how does this tie into the 5th commandment of honoring thy father and mother?
  9. How is the story of Noah's flood presented in the context of two Anunnaki brothers' conflict, and what are the implications of this interpretation?
  10. What are Aingeal's perspectives on humanity's motivations and the need for spiritual resolution in a 5D consciousness?

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