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99: Pyramid Energy and Sacred Geometry in Healing

February 1, 2014

Master Vlad is a master healer and is adept in the use of pyramid energy and sacred geometry in healing. His system of healing is called DiEnTRA and he talks about it in great detail today. On his website he says, "Simply close your eyes, and open your mind and heart to the most incredible source of energy - the Divine Energy of the Universe. You will feel it with every cells of your body. You will feel the Ultimate Harmony and Peace in your Body, Mind and Soul. You will become indestructible. Welcome to a new dimension of being! Welcome to Heaven of Harmony!"

We talked about...

  1. Pyramid Power
  2. Healing with Pyramids
  3. The suppression of Tesla
  4. Free Energy
  5. The Tesla Coil
  6. Harmonic Universes
  7. Dimensional Shifts
  8. Technology to travel at hyperspeeds through hyperspace
  9. The Sidha
  10. Our biology
  11. Our Divine unlimited potential
  12. The Merkaba in our human design
  13. ...and much more!

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Special Guest: Vlad Dientra.                                                                                                       

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