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90: Penny Kelly on Kundalini

November 30, 2013

Penny Kelly couldn’t make it last week so we discussed Kundalini on our Saturday morning Honest-to-God Series Radio show in her absence. It turns out her sister died during the week and we are so grateful she still found the time and the energy to come on the show with us today to discuss not only life and death, but also Kundalini.

In this session, we talked about death, and life, and the awakening of Kundalini and being in the moment. We talked about the wheel of Karma, being responsible for our children, their spiritual journey, the past, present and the future, metaphysical illusions, and manifesting a body of light. We talked about Fukushima, the frequency of radiation, the downside (and upside) of Kundalini, the necessity of a body, sexuality and religion.

We’ve had Penny Kelly on several times discussing Consciousness and Energy and her work with Dr. Levengood on Crop Circles, Bovine Incisions, her encounter with the Elves of Lilly Hill Farm and her subsequent book of that name, and the Learning Center that she opened at Lilly Hill Farm in Lawton MI. For those of you that may have missed those episodes, here is a little update - Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for over 30 years and has written six books of her own while at the same time, publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health for others. Penny has shared with us her experiences of consciousness and the growth of awareness, and the most recent time we discussed dreams and whether Jesus actually ever really lived or not.


  • What is Kundalini?
  • How does it manifest in our lives?
  • Can it be stimulated artificially?
  • Are there dangers to it?
  • Is it realistic for people to expect a Kundalini rise?
  • How do we initiate it?
  • If not here, does it awaken in the next life?
  • Does Kundalini allow us live in the past, present and future at the same time?
  • Can you initiate Kundalini in another person?
  • How does Kundalini awakening in us, help our children?
  • How does Kundalini help our health?
  • What happens when a species becomes extinct?
  • What about aborted babies, unknown parentage, parents dying on young children?
  • Is Kundalini triggered by love?

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Special Guest: Penny Kelly.                                                                                                      

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