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86: Richard Benashai on Geobiology

November 2, 2013

Geobiology is the study of life on Earth, Dolmens, pollution, radiation, gamma rays, fault lines, leylines, telluric chimneys, black magic, spells, curses, fear, and protection. Our guest is an expert on it.

Richard Benishai was born born in 1943 in Algeria and now lives in Israel. He teaches in 6 countries in 5 languages and has lived in France and the United States and worked in different countries all over the Middle and Far East, Côte d'Ivoire, Israel, France, Spain, Portugal and the USA. His experience as an Engineer in electronics has allowed for great professional autonomy, for accuracy and scientific rigor, needed in the analysis of complex problems. Richard works with energies in the field of healing, in the knowledge of paranormal phenomena and in bio energy.

Geobiology, as a discipline is intended to improve the lives of humans, and this was his opportunity to develop skills and improve a number of techniques and procedures related to this field. Since 2000, Richard has devoted much of his time to study and research in this area. He has Co-authored publications related to Geobiology and his new book is Mission: Mother Earth: Peace Through Geobiology.

Join us as we explore how dowsing and geobiology has grown in our world!

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Special Guest: Richard Benashai.                                                                                                 

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