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83: The Reincarnation of Columbus

October 5, 2013

The Reincarnation of Columbus is AHONU’s true story about the loss of his first child, his pain and his struggle with grief and guilt. It forms his entire philosophy of life and is a superb rendering of the unfolding of spiritual awareness. You can get it here: or on Amazon Kindle here.

It is a true epic voyage from the pain and sorrow of a father’s grief to the new world of empowerment, love and forgiveness.

Ahonu says "My baby was found dead in his crib when he was four months old. There was no sound, no struggle. A postmortem failed to show an adequate cause of death. In the absence of any diagnosis the recorded cause of death was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Crib Death, as it is more commonly known in the USA. Ryan was a perfectly healthy, thriving four month old. The fact that he was born on Columbus Day and died on my birthday did nothing to alleviate the recurring pain that I suffered every year on his anniversary!"

It is an account of the profound effects the death of my infant had on my life as an adult male, telling in graphic detail the results of buried emotion on family, friends and business relationships.

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