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81: Charlotte Younge - The biological norm of breast-feeding!

September 21, 2013

When we put out a request for people to contact us if they had a story to tell, we got this reply from Charlotte Younge in France, "The focus of my passion is freedom. Freeing the world of the bondage to the agro alimentary industry that restrict our choices to bad food that makes us sick, then enslaves us to the pharmaceutical industry keeping us on synthetic medication all to end up in neurologically damaged bodies hooked up onto machines to prolong our lives in hospitals making millions on keeping us alive as long as possible.

Well, lets say freedom from lies, propaganda and hidden knowledge that maintain us under control through fear. We're in a revolution but like all peaceful revolutions, this is going to take some time but we've been slowly getting there since the 1960s." In fact though, there is more to this lady than that. Her true essence is about Mothers and babies that she believes will save the planet one day. She says,

"Rejoicing in the power of creating life with their bodies and sustaining that life with the milk that our bodies produce is part of women’s right to confidence in themselves and recognition as the most valuable members of society."

Brief Summary: Due to her own particular situation (breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery) and consequent training, she began to support more and more mothers with particularly difficult or "impossible" breastfeeding situations (breastfeeding adopted babies included). She began to teach breastfeeding in the wrap-around-sling in both English and French. In 2004 she founded the ANPA (Anglophone Natural Parenting Association) in response to the growing demand for a like minded community, respectful of babies’ needs in a world of glamorous commercialization of cows milk, artificial nipples, and letting babies cry it out alone to exhaustion.

In 2005 she founded "Allaitement pour tous" an association of a mother-to-mother support group of users of the Medela SNS or the Lact-aid breast supplementation devices full details from her website: As the vast majority of research in human lactation is published in English, a slew of bilinguals is needed to transmit the information until it is translated and published in French and that can take years.

She says "Now I lead workshops on breastfeeding in the wrap. I participate in breastfeeding support groups that respect the international code of Innocenti. Today both my associations are very active and growing. I am very proud to be part of the growing movement towards women reclaiming the lost value of breastfeeding and mothering. I’m proud to be part of the "new conversation", which, once it’s part of everyday conversation, I think, will be on the government agendas all over developed countries in the world. Rejoicing in the power of creating life with their bodies and sustaining that life with the milk that our bodies produce is part of women’s right to confidence in themselves and recognition as the most valuable members of society."

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Summary: How we have accepted less and believe that we don't deserve the best, the list of ingredients of breast milk and the ingredients of artificial milk formula, traditional cultures and the move from the biological norm in society, optimal neurological connection between mother and baby, the biological norm of breast-feeding, the immune qualities of colostrum, homebirth, the commercial interests influencing the birthing process, midwifery, the growth of cesarean sections, cultural indoctrination, mother's meetings and the baby friendly initiative, La Leche League support groups, artificial nipples, milk supplements, saggy breasts and the statistics of breast-feeding around the world.

Questions: The definition of informed choice, what are the risks or not of reduced duration of access to breast milk, what are the scientific studies into breast milk, what is the frequency of feeds, what is the realistic number of people who can’t breast feed, what are the WHO recommendations, how do we incorporate breast-feeding and professional life, what is the biological normal duration of breast-feeding, what is the cultural duration of breast-feeding, what are the countries who breast-feed the least, where to get community support?

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Websites, Books & Products:

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4.     Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB)

5.     Lact-Aid:

6.     Defining Your Own Success by Diana West:

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Special Guest: Charlotte Younge.                                                                                                       

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