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80: Twin Flames & Soul Mates with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

September 14, 2013

In this episode, we answer questions about Twin Flames & Soul Mates. As usual, we are always in awe when we hear Source’s answers which is why we are exploring this important topic. It is a topic that extends far beyond the relationship between two people and moves into the realm of our own Divine Nature as well as the healing of the planet.

The resurgence of the appearance of many Twin Flame and Soul Mate meetings has been both attractive and controversial. There is some old ancient memory within us that reacts to the idea of a love beyond physicality and a longing for intimacy and communication beyond the 3 D level of relationship.

Being Twin Flames ourselves, AHONU and I know full well what these relationships entail and require and we also understand the real purpose behind them. Our history has brought us through soul mate relationships first, losses, death and divorces before we could meet one another.

In this exclusive session on Twin Flames & Soul Mates we will be covering things like:

  • What is a Twin Flame?
  • What is a Soul Mate?
  • What is Source’s definition of Twin Flames and Soul Mates?
  • Are they real, what are they for?
  • Does everybody have a Twin Flame?
  • How can you tell if your partner is a Twin?
  • Why are Twins here now?
  • Do all species have Twins?
  • How does growth of consciousness relate to a Twin?

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