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79: Christian Minson on Life through Transformational Breath

September 7, 2013

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Christian Minson on his transformational breath business called BreathFlow.

Why do you do what you do?

At early age there was a spark inside me that there had to be more to life than what I was currently experiencing.Seeking deeper meaning consumed my focus, so I became a monk as a result. I focused on expanding consciousness in meditation. I realized that life is a special path, whether we know it or not. It is the evolution of consciousness. It is the true purpose of life. I believe that life is two forces, one that takes us apart, one that brings us together.

After years of meditation, I was introduced to breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful tool for bringing together. It has the same effect as meditation, but accelerated and not as tough. The common element to meditation is the focus on breath. It took me down deep quickly. It is also accessible to more people without any religious overlay or dogma. It is a tool that helped me and it can help others, everyone in fact. I couldn’t help but want to share it.

You have an interesting background could you reveal a little for us?

I am a military brat. I have a cosmopolitan attitude and a love of travel. I was a graphic designer for the sex toy industry but I was very discontent and unhappy, so I became a monk. After that I became an international breathworker and I now teach in Mexico, Cananda, all over the USA, in Moscow, Berlin and Bulgaria.

Where did you learn your skills as a breathworker?

Judith Kravitz is my mentor. She has the largest breath school on the planet. I learned in 2006 and since then I spent over 1000 hours working with her personally as her right hand man, in her semainrs as well as leading my own workshops as a senior trainer.

My own Journey with breathwork and challenges commonly faced.

Common challenges that were mine too: Feeling disconnected, desiring deep connection with spirit, facing huge crossroads decision, needing clarity, managing anxiety under extreme circumstances.

What is your philosophy behind breathwork?

It is an holistic approach to life. We are endowed with all the tools we need to thrive in this life, and breath is a tool/instrument and a map.  It is a map for assessment of our state. Life is a flow. Holding on dams that flow, while breathwork breaks the dam.

As a tool: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our goal is evolution back to our spirit nature. There is an interface between physical and spiritual. A portal. That is the breath. As spiritual teacher P. Yogananda stated "Breath is the cord that ties the soul to the flesh."

How do YOU facilitate a breath session, differently than others?

Part coaching, part breath experience. Inherently spiritual bent. Tune in with needs of individual, focus directly on that. Read the breath. Grounded sense, hold down while storms of emotions pass, energetic exchange at end with feet. Come back, share the experience and what I saw in breath.

What is so important about the breath?

Eastern sages and mystics have known and used the power of the breath for centuries. It is the cord that ties the soul to flesh.

Do we really need to learn how to breathe?

We all walk but sometimes it needs correction. In the same way, 90% of us have some issues with our breathing.

What is Transformational Breath® (TB)?

It is a powerful, safe self-healing technique… physical, emotional, spiritual benefits.

What makes TB better than other modalities out there for healing and personal growth?

Mainly the time and efficacy. Takes much less time to reap greater results. Compare with psychotherapy, compare with meditation, used in conjunction with physical exercise will maximize your abilities and extend your breaking point.

What have the results been for your clients?

Relief from chronic pains, emotional issues, improved relationships, greater spiritual connection with less fear, improvement of finances.

What can one expect from a TB session?

Safety and trust. Opening like you have never experienced before. It is the quintessential experience. You become buddies for life - and it blows the lid off transformation.          

Is there any scientific basis for the healing power of the breath?

More and more it is emerging. Two devices are currently on the market for breathing to help lower blood pressure and reducing stress. Hyperbaric chambers, ozone therapy. Why have a device when TB can do the same thing? I have a device which helps athletes, asthmatics, and others exercise their respiratory muscles to maximize their breathing capacity.

What different type of people is this good for?

As emotional therapy: Children, people suffering from addictions of any sort, stressed out, chronic physical pains, chronic emotional conditions, especially anxiety, anyone feeling disconnected or lackluster about life, asthmatics. As technique for accession potential: Physical: Athletes wanting to improve their performance, Spiritual: people who want to experience a deeper connection with the source of their being. Success driven: people who just want to such the marrow out of life and have the most exciting and intense experiences that life has to offer.

Who have you facilitated in TB?

Rehab patients, children, athletes, business men under lots of stress and anxiety, mothers, people with lots of emotional baggage, cancer patients

What services do you offer?

Individual and group breath sessions, in person or remote, spirit-based action coaching, holistic wellness coaching with biz partner Dr. Olga Goldina, products that support the breathing process. Personalized individual health retreats.

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Special Guest: Christian Minson.                                                                                                    

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