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78: Jenny Rose on Suicide

August 31, 2013

When we put out a request for people to contact us if they had a story to tell, we got this reply "I do have a story to tell. It is tragic and yet beautiful and inspiring at the same time.  It is the loss of our son and how the whole universe seemed poised for this horrible event and sent us so much love, and help for understanding...". We couldn’t resist and in the weeks since that initial contact, we have gotten some real insights into suicide and how a parent copes with the suicide of their child. More about that shortly.

Born in So. California in the early 60’s to a large, loud, rowdy family Jenny Rose became a peace advocate at a young age. Later she worked for Alliance for Survival and shared her compassion for those affected by racism, war, pollution, and political and economic injustice.  She moved to Northern California and met her husband and they raised 2 boys along the Eel river under the mighty redwoods for 12 wonderful years after which them moved to Oregon in 2001.  In 2007 our oldest son left for college and our younger son began to have some real problems.

She says, "Alongside what seems like an ordinary life, I have always been a person who could see what was unseen and hear what is not spoken, by way of symbols, signs, dreams and gut feelings.  I think we are all given messages like this it’s just that most people aren’t paying attention and sometimes you don’t want to pay attention.  When I started getting messages that our son Clay would kill himself I did the same thing and said it was just my own fear, my imagination, my worst nightmare…"


  • Why do you think you were given messages that your son was going to kill himself?
  • What was your biggest concern regarding Clay after he died?
  • Did he leave a suicide note?
  • Were you angry or did you blame the doctors, hospital, his councilor, others…?
  • Why was George Anderson’s book so comforting to you?
  • What were your feelings about your son’s friend’s death when it happened?
  • Did you have dreams about Clay, your son after his death?
  • Did you believe the message was from your son that Donna took?
  • How did receiving the message from your friend and your son in the same week affect you?
  • Dealing with guilt is probably the hardest part of suicide, what has helped you the most in that regard?
  • Did your son leave any other messages for you or others?
  • What helped your husband and your older son with their grieving?
  • What lessons do you believe we’re yours to learn from your son’s suicide?
  • As a person who has lived and worked toward a peaceful world, what do you believe your son’s suicide has taught you about peace?
  • If other people are listening who might be dealing with depression or suicidal people in their lives what advice if any would you give them?
  • For those who have lost someone to suicide, what would you say to him or her?


When we are sorrowful, Let us look again into our hearts, And will see that in truth, We are weeping for that which has been our delight.

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Special Guest: Jenny Rose.                                                                                                     

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