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64: A Traumatic Childhood

May 18, 2013

With Aingeal Rose & Ahonu is Chantal Cash from Minnesota. Chantal had a traumatic childhood. She outlines for us today how she moved from trauma to love and how she now seeks the highest degree of love in everything she does.

She believes that everyone can come a long way in a short time, just like she did. The message she learned from childhood: kindness is all that matters.

"Without kindness we could never love", she says, "we simply would not understand it".

Chantal was born in Minnesota and has lived there much of her life. Her mother was from the Netherlands, and her father’s side, though American, were from Bavaria and Wales. As a child she suffered several traumas. When she was small she was always interested in fairies and Angels. She was always looking for ways to fix things without going to the doctor and she worked with many aspects of herself. She says…

Being the single mother of four children, I was ready to take out a new lease on life. I began looking into all avenues of natural healing. I was sick and tired of being “sick and tired”. I was in a pre-obese state, I had Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I was angry and was in need of a life changing experience. So I began by taking vitamins, supplements and changing my eating habits. My biggest problem back then was my weight. So I began looking into fast and easy remedies. The one that really helped me was Hypnosis. This though, did not satisfy my curiosity. I then decided to become a Hypnotist.

I took Cal Banyans 5 Path program and became a Certified Hypnotist. I also am a 7th Path Instructor which is the Self-Hypnosis program he teaches, and this was first and foremost the starting point for me. This is what kept me hooked to my weight loss. Hypnosis took me personally and professionally into a new direction. By this time having gotten my physical and emotional health in order, I then moved onto spirit.

By the time I was 32—I knew about love and kindness. I saw that compassion moved mountains in my life. I began to look for ways to change my Spiritual health. I had been raised Catholic and I had been exposed to varying religions over the years; I began to pursue alternatives to Religion. To be honest, it was hard for me to believe and I never took things at face value. I started to meditate, work with stones and essential oils, I took up a daily prayer practice. This of course eventually put me in the path of Reiki. Since I wanted a true relationship with Source, I started to do research in the different types of energy healing.

I started by receiving Reiki from Stephani Brail. I then went on to look at various teachers. I found Shaman Maggie Wahls and took her classes: Level One and Two: Usui Reiki and her Shamanism classes.

Later on, I then took classes from a local instructor Jodi Tschida to receive my Usui Reiki Master and Teacher levels. It did not take long and I found that I was waking up one day to discover that I could do things I never used to be able to do.  I woke up one morning after just starting to read a book on Crystals and Minerals. The next morning, after reading only two or three chapters, I knew (inspiringly) all about the stones. I then began to take other classes introducing myself to Aromatherapy and eventually taking a class to become an Essential Oil Raindrop Specialist. I began practicing telepathy. I began to communicate with spirits and see peoples past lives imprinted on them. I established a relationship with my guides and Angels, and eventually it led me to communication with the Divine or Source as I prefer to say.

For the first time I really began to see LIFE for the wonder it really was. All areas of Natural Medicine had been put into my path. I was eager to learn and applied myself where I thought I could be of the most help. Other areas of interest I have acquired and incorporated into my business are: Crystal stone Layouts, Dowsing classes and sessions Tarot readings and Oracle readings, Jewelry making and other crafts, to name a few.

In my spare time I write poetry and other literary works, make scrap books, garden, I read and do research for my work. I have four children: two daughters and two sons. My sons have Autism. I am a support manager for a Non-profit company that enables disabled people to lead more independent lives. I work with my sons and have worked with other Autistic children and Adults. I find this work to be extremely rewarding. I enjoy my job very much.

In addition, I have four businesses. I have created these businesses as a way of reaching out to people in these varying avenues of interest. I also am working on finishing my Associates in Criminal Justice, though that has been placed on the back burner for now. I would like to do non-Profit work as an Advocate to serve those who experience social injustice. Specifically, focusing in the areas of the developmentally disabled and to continue my work with Autistic persons. In any of my sessions my focus is Mind body Spirit connection. In any of my businesses I utilize all my tools and I use any knowledge I have to help my family, my clients, friends, and community.

New Perceptions Hypnosis & Reiki is my first business that I opened in 2007. I then incorporated the Reiki into my first business as well. Inner Chi Crystal Jewelry and Chi KI Arts & Crafts are catered around spiritually made gifts and other handmade items.

MAOM: this is an acronym for Metaphysical Association of Minnesota. This business focuses on people who are having spiritual issues or are in need of guidance due to a haunting, spiritual attack  or other supernatural occurrence.

The aspect about my businesses that I love the most is reaching out to people and assisting them in their goals towards health and healing, be it: Emotional, Physical or Spiritual. Working with Source daily helps me to be creative in all areas of my life. I enjoy being a Co-Creator with Source. I work with The Earth, the elements, the Universe—the all in all. I am excited to teach people about Reiki and Self-Hypnosis and to help them learn how to explore their past, to embrace their present and look forward to their future.

I feel that the negative experiences from my childhood helped to transform me into the person that I am today. I believe that knowing what I know now, we can transform our fears, our worries and even our traumas into something positive.


  • What is 5-Path Hypnosis? How is this different than standard hypnosis?
  • How did you find yourself choosing this particular method?
  • Can you explain 7th Path Self Hypnosis? How does this method of self-hypnosis work?
  • Let’s talk about Reiki and your viewpoint is that it has helped you create and manifest miracles.
  • Do you have an opinion on where Reiki might have come from?
  • What are your personal experiences that you had with Angels, Et’s or other multi-dimensional beings.
  • How about we talk about Dowsing? How old were you when you started. Can you explain some of the techniques you use and why you use this type of divination tool?
  • Can you explain Dowsing and its use for detecting potential illness in the body?
  • Can you share some of your experiences involving telepathy?
  • What is your opinion of the Crystal and telepathic connection? Do you use stones to enhance this method of communication?
  • Working with multiple modalities—can you give insight into how we can integrate these methods naturally without becoming over whelmed with the “spiritual healing process”.
  • Can you explain how you use SRT—Spirit Releasement Therapy. Is this something you encounter often in your work as a Hypnotist or Reiki Teacher?
  • You have worked with Autism for a long time. What methods do you use for your children or clients that are metaphysical in nature that help them. What is your stance on medical opinions regarding Autism? Can some of these modalities that you do help these kids and people?
  • What is your definition of Soul Race, Soul Name, and Soul Realm: How do you know where you originated from?
  • Astral location and Bi-location? Have you had experiences with this?  For those who are new and just learning these things, what advice can you give to them?
  • What methods in your work do you use to help entities to find peace? Is there some method that really works in this process? In regards to ET’s, is there any race that you connect with more than others. If so, which one?
  • As an intuitive, where do you see the world heading if we do not change?
  • You work with elementals, Angels and Fairies, is it fair to say that you see them and talk to them?
  • Do you offer them healing as you would a person?
  • If you could teach one thing to the world what would that be? Compassion
  • Dreamwork: it is a very important aspect of your work? What do you use your dreams for and is this something you use also as a tool, for teaching and learning?
  • Transforming negative emotions into positive ones, what is your perception of this? Do you use this method in your work? What methods of your work produce the best results?

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Special Guest: Chantal Cash.

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