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59: Sammy Bounmy on Self Transformation

April 6, 2013

Sammy Bounmy was the owner of the Pacific Beach Holistic Center in San Diego, CA. He says "I have been going through a self transformation for the past several years. A transformation which accelerated my mental consciousness of myself.  I currently share my story with anyone who wants to share with me, theirs. My new outlook on life and my realization to choose to experience life in a more heighten sense of awareness has increased my happiness for life, joy in being and deep gratitude for the gift of life and love. My new friends who just appeared in my life, and it seems out of nowhere, are all telling me that, "I am just remembering". I started practicing yoga and meditation about a year ago and it has elevated my life. I rediscovered meditation after meeting these new friends of mine and started the practice of meditation about 5 times a week. I have since learned from my gifted friends, several techniques which have helped me tremendously in realizing qualities of myself and the new discoveries found from within."

Sammy Bounmy is the creator of Pacific Beach Holistic Center on Garnet Ave in San Diego, CA. A community based center where anyone can enter and participate in varies yoga classes, offering a variety of healing workshops and learn many tools and techniques which will lead to their own realization of self. Sammy believes that these activities will increase awareness of self and the absolute complete acceptance and love of self and others. He has attracted into his life some passionate yoga teachers, experience energy healers and very caring facilitators to help and assist in their transformation. Sammy welcomes everyone into PB Holistic Center who are ready to be in divine sync with their more higher consciousness and truest essence of self.

His goals are to spread the messages of self realization, to empower those who is seeking a happier existence and to be in the flow with the vibrations that carries the individual to their own liberation and the conquering of their fear based beliefs. Sammy Bounmy's magnetism and radiance attracts caring and giving people who want to help others in need of healing, in need of a more organic way of living and a more love based expression to others. He has personally assisted in the healing of many people who needed his intuitive methods of healing. After a session with him whether just in conversation and listening to his perspectives on your matters of concern or personally receiving a Reiki energy healing treatment from him. You are sure to “heal, grow and ascend”, as he puts it. Everyone will immediately feel uplifted and have a certain level of clarity, and feel a finer shift in consciousness with a better understanding of their own healing then growing into a better version of themselves.

He served 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school and really enjoyed some of his experiences there. After his reintegration into the American society he then struggled internally at finding his own path of destiny. He really had to work hard at figuring out who he is? What he really wanted to do? And where does he belong in the modern world? He really had to "detached" from the programming that was embedded in his mind while in the service and learn how to also let go of old beliefs, let go of negative thought patterns and distance himself from the environments that he grew up in and the people that did not elevate his awareness. Sammy overcame some depressing moments in his life, he had to overcome the sudden suicide of a childhood friend. Leaving his old fear based ideas and belief systems behind him, he then conquered his own illusions of how he saw the modern world by using the tools and techniques to go within.

Sammy Bounmy calls himself a "Modern Yogi". The Modern Yogi moves freely through our modern concrete jungles with confidence, in higher awareness and consciously navigates in it without losing himself or herself. He practices self realization techniques, he likes to read high vibration literature, loves to practice yoga and meditation. Sammy wants to help others heal then transform into their higher better self. He wants to empower others to live their passion and to reach their potential. Sammy wants to teach others how to create their own "heaven on earth".

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Special Guest: Sammy Bounmy.

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