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56: Patricia Helen Robins on Inspirational Writing

March 16, 2013

Patricia Helen Robins was born in 1931. Her first spiritual awakening occurred aged 17 while at school in Bermuda – a classmate asked if she believed in reincarnation. ‘Good heavens, no!’ she replied, horrified. Her reaction shocked her, leading her to think about it. She says "If I chose 'no' – it led nowhere. If I chose 'yes' it opened up endless possibilities. I chose 'yes' and have been growing inwardly ever since!"

At age 32 she met a spiritual teacher through whom she met her first two guides and saw transfiguration and materialization. She also told her she was an artist. Slowly she began to create what her children called 'Mum’s weird pictures' but of course, these days they would not be considered weird.

To overcome the shock and trauma of her husbands death, she started to write out her feelings. She says "To my surprise, as I 'lost' myself in the act of writing, I began to get helpful phrases pouring onto the page. I’ve been writing out my queries on all sorts of things ever since."

Listen to Patricia Helen Robins tell how you too can do inspirational writing. Hear her explain how to access that inner part of you that can express itself through your own hand. Allow this experience to be the catalyst that starts your first outpouring, your first expression of your deep, inner core – let it be your first book!

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Special Guest: Patricia Helen Robins.

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