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55: Imagination and Love in the Akashic Records

March 9, 2013

Summary of Group Akashic Records Session, San Diego, CA on 6th March 2013 Imagination & Love

  1. Your images have power - use them wisely.
  2. The power of imagination is in the sixth chakra.
  3. It is no accident imagination is not in the lower chakras.
  4. Imagination is in the pituitary gland, which secretes a growth hormone.
  5. Imagination is responsible for creation.
  6. Imagination is a responsible occupation.
  7. Use your imagination to visualize the highest standard for yourself and the world.
  8. Lack of imagination is why we don't see more miracles.
  9. To witness and cause more miracles, practice imagination.
  10. The ethers obey imagination.
  11. The ethers coagulate to create forms in accordance with our imagination.
  12. Using your power of visualization is one of the greatest ways to create miracles.
  13. Ask what would you envision for yourself, if you knew only love.
  14. Source asks “Wouldn't you rather have a miracle than a lesson?”
  15. A miracle transforms, heals and demonstrates love in the moment.
  16. The 33 vertebrae in the body point to our Christ consciousness potential.
  17. Use the Reiki principle “Just for today” to help you begin to uphold the highest standards.
  18. Holding the highest standard together in a group increases love exponentially.
  19. The more love you have for yourself the more you contribute to the love in the world.
  20. The more you love yourself the more you naturally express the highest standards.
  21. If you understood the God creativity inside you, you would start to know what love is.
  22. Love never accepts mediocrity, illness or death.
  23. Love upholds only the highest intentions and the highest standards.
  24. Loving ourselves is the beginning of raising the consciousness of the world.
  25. The reason we are enslaved is because we do not love ourselves.
  26. As you become more holy in your love the more the world becomes holy for everyone.
  27. Without holding the highest standards for everything, even the dirt, we fall short in our potential.
  28. Creation is the natural consequence of love.
  29. Knowing you are loved increases love.
  30. The more you love, the greater your contribution to the world.
  31. Awakening to loving yourself awakens others to become conscious creators.
  32. We do others a huge disservice by not loving ourselves.
  33. We must make the decision to know love and to uphold it.
  34. We must ask a higher power to show us love before we can know it.
  35. We must be willing to surrender all other perceptions of love to know love. We just need a little willingness.
  36. Everybody will learn about love in whatever way they can receive it.
  37. Offer love to others until everyone is free.
  38. Love understands our problems and our fear of failure.
  39. To begin to love, just begin.

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