Aage Nost on Longevity, Wealth Protection and Building Wealth Wisely (Part 2)
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Aage Nost on Longevity, Wealth Protection and Building Wealth Wisely (Part 2)
April 20, 2024
Dive into a captivating conversation between Ahonu and mind-expanding guest Aage Nost, where we explore the multifaceted aspects of success, healthy living, and the profound impact of our thoughts on our reality. 🧠 Key Takeaways: Aage shares his intriguing insights on enhancing longevity with Jiaogolin powder and other supplements. - Discover why a grateful outlook and living in a universe crafted by our thoughts could be your roadmap to personal fulfillment. - Practical tips on safeguarding your business using LLC structures and the innovative use of trusts to secure your hard-earned assets.
Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode where we welcome back the endlessly fascinating Aage Nost. Get ready to have your mind expanded as Aage shares his unconventional wisdom on the secrets of anti-aging and the pursuit of a long, healthy life. Diving into the world of Jiaogolin powder and an array of beneficial supplements, Aage discusses not only the physical aspect of longevity but also the mental and emotional components that contribute to a fulfilled life.

In this treasure trove of insight, we explore the power of the mind and the concept of our reality as a creation of our thoughts. Aage stresses the importance of gratitude, the quality of time spent with loved ones, and finding passion in your work. We discuss business protection strategies, emphasizing the benefits of LLCs over LLPs to the mystical realms of using theta brainwave patterns to reprogram the subconscious during sleep.

We also peek into Aage’s personal life, understanding his emphasis on not repeating his own missteps by neglecting family time. We unravel the creative force of the universe, quantum mechanics, and the art of manifesting intentions, all while stressing the critical element of supportive networks.

Aage leaves us with actionable tips on visualizing success and a reminder of how our own beliefs shape our reality. Ahonu offers a personal touch with his experiences, enriching the conversation with a blend of the profound and the practical. So, grab your headphones, clear your mind, and prepare to absorb the combined knowledge of Aage Nost and Ahonu – insights that go beyond the surface, aiming to enhance every facet of your life. And at the end, don't forget to subscribe for more captivating episodes.

Timestamp Overview:
00:00 Start with small steps and learn from others.
07:19 "Car sign for tax benefits, mastermind power"
15:28 Daily routine includes 2 scoops for health.
20:55 Astragalus helps lengthen telomeres, slowing aging process.
25:04 Live gratefully, disconnect to recharge, find balance.
31:06 Pilot flew at night without enough sleep.
34:24 Think and Grow Rich influence on mindset.
42:20 Brainwave patterns impact sleep, hypnosis, and reprogramming.
44:43 Visualize, program, and create the future now.
51:57 LLC manager controls fund distributions, prevents lawsuits.
56:50 Personal experiences form common sense legal advice.
01:06:11 Studying law is crucial for proper court representation.
01:09:43 Worked in technical support for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
01:12:19 Voice recorder invaluable for capturing and sharing ideas.
01:21:01 Nori Love co-hosts Mastermind broadcasts on Sundays.
01:22:46 Creative universe, pleasure speaking, knowledge for podcast.

Questions to ask yourself after listening to this episode:
1. Can you elaborate on how Jiaogulin powder is believed to affect aging and health, and is there scientific research supporting these claims?
2. Aage Nost talks about the universe being a creation of the mind. How does this concept influence the way we approach our health and aging?
3. You mentioned the importance of gratitude and appreciation. How do these attitudes impact one's overall wellbeing and perspective on aging?
4. Aage Nost suggests pursuing work you love so it doesn’t feel like work. Can you share some advice for listeners struggling to find their passion?
5. Delegation and competent team-building were highlighted as key to success. What are some strategies for identifying and nurturing talent within one's business or personal endeavors?
6. Could you discuss further the concept of using theta brainwave patterns during sleep for subconscious mind programming? How can listeners practically apply this technique?
7. Aage Nost prefers LLCs over LLPs for business protection. What are the main differences between these two types of business structures, and why might one be preferred over the other?
8. What are some effective affirmations or mental exercises you can start using to improve your success and health?
9. The episode mentioned various supplements for overall good health, like ionic copper and selenium. What should listeners know about the safe use of such supplements?
10. Aage Nost shared examples of unexpected financial windfalls. Can you offer insights on how the creative power of the universe and quantum mechanics might play into financial success and manifestation techniques?