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49: Profound Statements From The Akashic Records

January 26, 2013

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have been reading the Akashic Records for years. They recorded, transcribed and summarized each session. It is these summaries that became known as 'The Profundities' that they publish each week on and are eagerly anticipated by thousands around the world.

The transcripts form Aingeal Rose's book series, the first of which is A Time of Change ( and the 2nd, published in Nov '13, is The Nature of Reality ( The Profundities will become a separate book in their own right, but right now, you get the series that have been published so far from Amazon.

This is your opportunity to hear some of these profound statements from the Akashic Records, statements that have already rocked many people's belief systems. Today Aingeal Rose & Ahonu cover the summaries from the sessions on Spirit Guides, Cosmic Law and Reality.

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