World of Empowerment

394: Is there Universal Truth?

March 26, 2022

I’ve always been a great believer in the power of beliefs. Even as a child, I understood thought was everything, that everything could manifest from thought. But last night, I got a lesson on just how powerful it is.

I woke at 2:22. You may not know, but these power numbers are all over us. We’re in the year of ‘22. I was born in house number 22, my birthday is 2/11 which is 22, and my lovely wife Aingeal Rose is born on 11:11, making her birthday this year 11-11-22. So, waking up at 222 was significant for me. And then, I awoke again at 333, and 444, and 555, and I was all over it. This is amazing, I thought. Until last night, I realized my clock was a few minutes fast!

I realized the kitchen clock was two minutes faster. So my 222 was 224, and 333 was 334, and 446, and so on. Did that negate my belief? Did that destroy what I thought was truth? It did - for a short while. I thought, I’ve been following a wrong belief system. I’ve been believing something which wasn’t true. But we all know the power of belief is so strong that one can believe in a mistruth and manifest it! 

As we know, all over the world people believe in mistruths, whether it’s religions, corporations, stories, mythology, whatever it might be, people believe in mistruths and untruths, and they manifest them into their reality as truth!

This understanding of the mind was powerful for me. I’m sticking with my 222 because it fit with what I wanted to believe, and what I wanted to manifest! I mean, I wouldn’t have woken at 222 if it wasn’t of some significance to me. Therefore, in our lives, in our relationships, in our businesses, in our communities, in our world, we manifest everything that is in our minds to suit what’s going on in our lives. If you’re not happy with that, it’s time to change your thinking, and time to change your surroundings, and time to change your circumstances.

My solution was simple, but which clock do I change? Do I change the kitchen clock or my bedroom clock? I change whatever I believe to my new understanding of the truth. That’s what you do. You change your belief system to your current understanding of the truth.

Truth is ever-changing, and truth is different for everybody. But one important thing to remember is there is a universal truth. That’s where we all need to get to, and we find it by relinquishing our small truths in favor of universal truth.

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