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39: Animal Communication

November 10, 2012

Animal communicator and intuitive Edna Massi was in the studio today with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. She talked with us today about Animal Communication, spiritual connection with animals as well as healing animals. Edna Massi is a NYS Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Board Certified and Masters Level trained with several years of broad experience. She is a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors, Certified in Equine Sports Massage and Raindrop Therapy, and is an N.E.T Practitioner.

She spent many years working for large corporate companies both in communications and the wine & spirit industries as an operational coordinator before realizing she enjoyed counseling and coaching. She pursued a graduate degree in counseling and developed a private practice in 2006.

"As an animal lover I’ve always wanted to find a way to better communicate with them. I started experimenting in 1998 with telepathic communication with pets and discovered I could hear words, see pictures and feel emotion emanating from the animals. Then I learned how to translate it into meaningful information. It took quite a few years to realize that this what I really wanted to do."

Now specializing as an Animal Health Intuitive she helps support the animal-human bond by assisting clients to understand their companion animal’s needs. She enjoys living in beautiful Duchess County, NY with her Quarter-horse mare, mini-Schnauzer & domestic shorthair cat.

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Special Guest: Edna Massey.

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