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331: Book Coaching - Joyful Steps From Idea to Author!

July 13, 2019

* Does fear of failure keep you from writing your book?
* Have you procrastinated for years about it?
* Do you suffer from writers block, or are you simply too busy?
* Do you believe your book would open new doors for you and your business?
* Are you ready to finally get your book written? If so, go here to enroll in the pilot program now:

Sometimes you just need the right coaching to finally get down to writing and finishing your book. Ahonu has just launched an incredible way to get your book written. This week, he opens his Pilot Coaching program, Professional Book Coaching - Joyful Steps From Idea to Author!

Not only that, he will personally coach you all the way to actually have your manuscript ready for publishing, including your book cover design and eBook preparation, so you will be ready for the excitement of sales and distribution around the world! How's that for motivation?

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