World of Empowerment

323: The Ponder Monologue

May 18, 2019

Aingeal Rose & I attended a workshop recently. Among the many glorious beings present there was a young lady who was known to us only as Ponder. And boy, did she ponder. Her thoughts went higher and deeper like a great river of emotion and her reflections on what we consider ordinary everyday life shocked us into a strange kind of something.

Aingeal Rose & I thought long and hard over what to call this piece. The opening lines of Ponder’s monologue suggested we call it, Lord, Your Name Tastes Like Shit! But we decided to call it simply, "The Ponder Monologue"!

There are no need for apologies for this piece. Even the wind noise in the microphone and the rustle of the leaves in the trees (which would normally have been a distraction and not even present in a studio setting) came at key moments in the monologue as if the artist and her spoken words were stirring up the wrath of God.

At other times, the sun cast a glint across the camera lens as if in answer to her prayer, or as a visual acknowledgement of divine presence.

We believe this young lady will be heard about more widely in the future as our world embraces a new way of thinking and of being.
It needs no further explanation. Just watch and listen.

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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