World of Empowerment

32: Amethyst Resource for Human Development

September 1, 2012

Amethyst Resource for Human Development. Topic of discussion today:– Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview a trio of exceptional women who have dedicated their lives to helping others find themselves and recover through various traumas in their lives.

Meet Alison Hunter, Shirley Ward and Carmel Byrne, pioneers in their field and operators of the Amethyst Resource for Human Development in County Clare, Ireland.

Join us today as we converse with these three ladies and learn about their experiences, methods and human spirits. You will be inspired, saddened and touched deeply as they tell their stories of their work and healings. The people whose lives they ‘save’ range in age from infants through adults and the methods they use are unique, primal and powerful.

They are looking for apprentices who would like to carry on their work. Contact Amethyst Resource for Human Development

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