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31: Environmental Toxins

August 25, 2012

Naturopath Anthony (Tony) Hughes on Environmental Toxins. Topic of discussion today: – Environmental causes of disease, with emphasis on generally unknown factors.

Tony is from Dublin and is qualified in Science, Chemical Engineering and Statistics. He has worked as a Clinical Biochemist in The Mater and St. Vincent’s Hospitals in Dublin. In 1989 he obtained a licentiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a clinical certificate from Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and then immediately started his full time practice in Natural Medicine based in South Dublin. He has studied and applied the theories of herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, essential oils, flower essences and has gained extensive experience in the use of Bioelectronic Diagnosis techniques.

Tony has spoken at many international conferences around the world and his specialty subjects include the effects of toxins on health and the importance of hidden dental infections in disease. His clinic is devoted to the identification of the causes of diseases of all origins, physiological, environmental, emotional and spiritual and to the use of a wide range of natural methods and remedies to help regain full health.

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Special Guest: Tony Hughes.

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