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308: HyDragen MyKaEl - Realizations From Drinking Sacred Water!

February 2, 2019

Ahonu realizes astonishing insights from ingesting one of their Sacred Earth Waters called HyDragen-MyKaEl.

I had difficulty understanding what was going on with me because, first of all, I saw this architecture. It seemed to be Arab or Moroccan, or certainly Middle Eastern. There were lots of arches and various angles that led me to believe that it was Middle Eastern. And then I saw the sun. The sun was very strong and I got the sensation that this was about fire. It was about the heat of the Middle East. It was about hot fire. Then, when I tasted the water again (because I was sipping it slowly over time), the water was very cooling and I got the sensation that this was about fire and water. It was about the polar opposites, as it were. That fire burns up the way. You never see fire burning down. Fire burns up and water always finds its lowest level, so one goes up, the other goes down, one's hot, one's cold.

So, there seemed to be some kind of a balancing going on. I was having difficulty understanding, but what did pop out then (when I was thinking about water) was that was H2O. It's to do with hydrogen, and as soon as I said that, I thought, "High Dragon", a dragon, the flame from the dragon's mouth.

And then I saw the weirdest thing, which was that this was to do with twin flames. When you have twin flames, you've almost got a forked tongue, as it were. Seriously, I saw this forked tongue. It was like a snake's tongue, but it was fire from the dragon's mouth. I didn't know where this was going. I was trying to understand it, and then I saw Mi-Ka-El (Michael) slaying the high dragon, the hydrogen.

Ka is the body, and El is God, supposedly. So, you had this body of God slaying the hydrogen (the High Dragon). And of course, he was an archangel. And then it started to knit together. I was saying, well, that's why I was seeing the arches and the angles earlier on, because that's an arch angle - an archangel! So, we have this Mi-Ka-El (Michael) slaying the hydrogen, and when I looked at both of those, one going up, the fire going up and the water coming down, I started to see a sine wave. And of course this was a sin wave - all about sin. So, there was this polar opposites that was going on. One was trying to prevent the other from sin, as it were. It seemed to be symbolism and I still don't fully understand it, but that's what it was about.

Interesting. I just looked this up because I wanted to make sure I was right, but the Ka you just said is, in ancient Egyptian beliefs, part of the soul. It is part of the soul that is depicted as a human head on a bird's body. Okay. So the Ka flies away and goes all over the place and then comes back to the false door, or through the door in the tomb. So, it's interesting that you were saying Mi-Ka-El. So, you've got the soul and the God and all of that. So when you said Ka, I had to look, just to make sure. It just hit me that it was part of the ancient Egyptian belief.

I have more exploring to do with it. I haven't arrived at any conclusion about it. It's very deep. It's far deeper than what I first thought. It has certainly something to do with the arc, and polar opposites, and fire and water.

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