God's Million Dollars!
World of Empowerment
God's Million Dollars!
May 11, 2024
Ahonu alerts us to God’s million dollar request.
Welcome back to another episode of the World of Empowerment Podcast where today we journey with Ahonu to the serene beauty of a mountain at sunrise. In Episode 513, "Gods-Million-Dollars.mp3," Ahonu shares a profound yet amusing conversation he imagines having with God, discussing the relativity of time and money from a divine perspective. Reflecting on the simplicity and complexity of our understanding of the universe and our spiritual dialogues, Ahonu invites us to always try our best and keep communicating with the higher powers. Join us as we explore the seriousness and the humor of spiritual awareness, right here on World of Empowerment Radio.

Questions to ask yourself after watching or listening to this episode:

1. What significance does the mountain hold for Ahonu, and how does it impact his spiritual practices?
2. How do the elements of nature, like mountains, facilitate a deeper connection or conversation with the divine according to Ahonu’s experience?
3. Reflect on the interaction between the man and God in Ahonu's story. What does this exchange reveal about human perceptions of time and money in relation to the divine?
4. Ahonu mentions God's response, "Sure. Just a minute," when asked for a penny. How does this response metaphorically relate to human impatience and the concept of divine timing?
5. In the story, God equates a million years to a minute and a million dollars to a penny. What does this say about the value of time and money from a spiritual perspective?
6. Ahonu encourages listeners to talk to God and try their best. How can these practices improve one's daily life and overall spiritual growth?
7. Discuss the importance of questioning and seeking answers in one's spiritual journey as exemplified by the man’s questions to God in the story.
8. How does the humorous twist at the end of the man’s conversation with God serve to underline a deeper philosophical or spiritual truth?
9. What does Ahonu mean by saying "our ignorance" is funny, and why is it vital to acknowledge our limitations when dealing with concepts like infinity or God?
10. How does this podcast episode encourage listeners to incorporate practical spirituality into their changing world, and what might that look like in everyday actions?