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28: Shellie Enteen on The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

August 4, 2012

Rev. Shellie Enteen – The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. ADL Rev. Shellie Enteen has been an astrologer, aromatherapist, bodyworker, writer and educator for over 25 years. She has long been fascinated with the revelation of truth through various teachings. Shellie is a well received speaker at the Namaste Center in North Carolina and has also delivered the Sunday talk at Unity in Blairsville, GA.

She was Vice President of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and teaches nationally approved continuing education classes in Aromatherapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu since for massage therapists. Her regular column “The Aromatic Message” appears in Massage Today magazine. Many other articles appear in trade magazines such as The Aromatherapy Journal.

Shellie also provides pure essential oils and blends and various readings and can be reached through her website where you can also sign up for a free monthly e-newsletter. She is currently writing her own book on aromatherapy and has her own published volume of poetry, "Journey to the Meaning of Love" available through Amazon and

We will be talking to Shellie today about her widespread knowledge of religious history and the Aramaic language. She will be giving us the correct wording of "The Lords Prayer" and "The Beatitudes".

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Special Guest: Shellie Enteen.

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