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279: Our Upside Down World

July 15, 2018

Our Upside-Down World - a heady discussion of our insane creations continues on from our discussion last week. We now look at our upside down world where everything is a projection outside of ourselves. What does that mean?

The first time mind ever projected outside itself, it caused the cataclysms of the earth, because it reversed our perceptions. It turned everything upside down. Think of the forces of nature. Think of fire, earth, air and water and what happens when those elements are denied. When their force is denied inside us, and we project them outside of us - what we've done is we've created a perception of the entire world that seems to be not only external, but bigger than us. It appears we're the small ones and nature is the big one. It's reversed - it's us denying the truth of ourselves.

Think about a volcano. The external volcano comes up from deep within the earth and comes out the top, right? An eruption of fire comes out of this volcano but internally, it's about our Kundalini. It's our Kundalini that is rising from deep within the Earth chakra and coming up and erupting out the top of our heads - that's the internal process. The external process is a volcano.

What is it when our emotions are out of control? It manifests as the storms and huge waves we're witnessing. It's the water (or emotional) element out of control. The raging wildfires are our fire element out of control. So, instead of us taking responsibility for our inner emotional nature, we project it outside. And look how volatile it becomes when we do that - it creates a tidal wave of destruction. Look what happens when the wind is crazy. That's our mental body being projected outward. Instead of taking control of our thoughts, and instead of knowing what our mind is doing, it runs amok. It runs amok when it is projected outside.

Now we're seeing violent earthquakes. We're denying the power of our physical bodies. We're not being responsible for our physical world at all, so externally, it's crashing, it's collapsing. That's why this is an upside-down world.

As I watch the trees waving in the breeze, they look big. The sky looks big. Well, that's a reverse perception of the world. We're bigger than the earth, we're bigger than the trees, we're bigger than the sky, we're bigger than the planet - yet we perceive ourselves as small. We've turned it upside down.

It reminds me of a book I had years ago by Manly P. Hall called, "The Secret Teachings Of All Ages". There's a picture in that book that stuck with me. It was a picture of the earth with the Vitruvian man stretched across the planet as if he was bigger than the planet, and the planet was within him, instead of him being man-size on the planet. The equator was where his (and our) naval chakra is, spinning, rotating around. I looked at that picture and I knew there was something true about it, but I couldn't figure it out until I realized the picture was a total reversal of what we had been led to believe of ourselves.

We will be back with more on this because we're uncovering lots of layers and seams of golden knowledge. We will go again into the tunnel of light in greater detail because we realized that it's a much bigger conversation than we thought before. Till next time, take care and bye.

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