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270: Unresolved Emotional Trauma and Cancer

May 13, 2018

The link between unresolved emotional trauma and chronic degenerative diseases.

What is it we are doing to ourselves to cause all this?

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Mark Selawry of Wellness Haven in Boise, Idaho.

Mark spent most of his adult life as a business executive in multi-national companies such as Disney and Hilton, living and working in Switzerland, Russia, France, England, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium. A Harvard MBA, Mark believed he would continue his climb up the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming CEO of a large international firm. In 2011, the Universe gifted Mark a wonderful relationship with Helen-Jane, an English woman Mark met while they were both living outside Paris. Shortly after meeting, Helen-Jane was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Mark accompanied Helen-Jane in her cancer journey, studying all manner of interventions, both conventional and alternative.

By April 2013, after having gone through conventional treatment, Helen-Jane was pronounced terminal, and told to get her affairs in order. This is when Mark and Helen-Jane discovered the ’Kelley Protocol’, involving use of pancreatic enzymes for the treatment of cancer. Helen-Jane was literally snatched away from the jaws of death. Unfortunately, she felt so good on the program, that Helen-Jane became ’non-compliant’, and developed metastasis that led to her transition in January 2015.

Since then, Mark founded ’Wellness-Haven’, a venture dedicated to helping people with all forms of chronic degenerative disease, and especially cancer, navigate the tricky waters of choice and, hopefully, harness the healing power within.

The questions asked in this episode:

  • How did you switch from being a Harvard MBA trained hospitality executive to a Cancer Coach
  • What are the key factors driving the growth in cancer worldwide?
  • Why is cancer not typically a genetic disease?
  • Is there historical effectiveness in using allopathic medicine for the treatment of cancer
  • Why are some allopathic interventions so ineffective?
  • What are an individual’s options when learning they have cancer?
  • What are some of ’alternative medicine’s’ offers to those with cancer?
  • What is the link between unresolved emotional trauma and cancer?

Other questions raised in the interview between Aingeal Rose & Ahonu and Mark Selawry were:

  • Could being cancer aware cure my genetic untreated victimhood?
  • What happens if a cancer victim is diagnosed as emotional?
  • Could a cancer journal offer a lifeline to a cancer victim?
  • Do untreated emotional trauma symptoms explain cancer?
  • Can untreated cancer explain patient symptoms?
  • Did your woman, who died of cancer, leave a lifeline to a possible cure?
  • Does patient awareness of symptoms help diagnose cancer?
  • Can a cancer diagnosis from a doctor explain the facts and help in patient awareness?
  • Are men and women cancer victims the same in terms of the effects of unresolved emotional trauma?
  • Can I cure my own cancer?
  • Is awareness a cure for untreated cancer?
  • Do genetics or emotions explain cancer symptoms?
  • Do cancer patients leave any kind of lifeline for future diagnosis?

Mark lives in Boise, ID, and has three children who currently reside in Denmark. He can be contacted at

This interview can be found on YouTube here.

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